Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Stealth trailer

Having my shower base put in today so will actually be able to use it! Bought the pan base at Lowes, and the pvc piping to rig up the drain, as well as the pvc pipe to rig up the shower curtain holder. If you check out this you will find pics and plans from a guy that I modelled my trailer conversion after, with a few layout changes.

His trailer does not have solar and wind power like mine, but his is comfy, and mine is as well. I sleep just as good in my cargo trailer camper as these guys with half a million dollar motorhomes!! And on the title to my trailer, it even says CAMPER, so I'm just waiting for someone to tell me its not a camper!

I get ridiculed from people telling me I can't possibly be comfortable in this trailer.....I think comfort is a state of mind....I have concluded some time ago that all a person really needs is a roof over his head, a place to sleep, food to eat and clothes to wear, and money to spend....I have all that and am grateful! Anything else is just "stuff", and we all know what George Carlin said about stuff!

Well, enough of that for now.......getting ready to roll west Thursday evening just before the sun goes down....I-70 west to St. Louis to I-44 west......can't wait to see what lies ahead in Oklahoma and the northern tip of Texas. Going right through Amarillo, then into New places and new faces...who knows, maybe the love of my life is waiting for me in Bluewater, NM.......


  1. Over a 40 year period I am amazed how many times I took this same route from San Diego to Indiana...NOT a trucker. Great sites along the way. I know this is an older post but thought I would comment anyway.

    I am playing "catch up" on your blog today.

    1. I am very interested in your trailor set-up, do you have any photo's of the inside? I have been looking for something to pull with my 83 F 150 Ford pick-up (302) and I wonder if my truck could handle soemthing like what you have?
      Thanks for any info,

    2. Randy, I actually pulled my trailer all over the country with a 95 F150 with a 302 in it, and had no problems at all.......the trailer is 1200 lbs. empty, and only 1800 lbs. the way I have it set up.....interior pics available---send me your email and I will send them to you.

    3. OK, thanks!

    4. John, I ended up buying a 2005 Chevy Express 3500 Van/Sportsmobile. I picked it up in Staten Island, NY, I hated to travel that far to get it (I live in NM) but it was in very good condition with 40,000 miles. So far I really like it.
      Maybe I'll see you on the road sometime.