Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What a difference!

Finally, progress on the new trailer mods.....remember this?
Just a bare floored cargo trailer....until I added the carpet.......
The carpet will keep things from sliding around during travel. Plus, it will keep the floor a bit warmer! But, over the weekend, I transformed the interior and took it to the next level!!
Another view....
I thought it came out looking pretty nice! Total investment about $250. including the carpet! I insulated the ceiling with 3/4" Celotex with foil backing, which will reflect the light better, though am thinking about putting in white melamine over the insulation. Was getting tired of looking at bare plywood walls, and this panelling is going to be a great difference! Got the new inverter, and also the new wiring harness for the solar panels. All re-wired and hooked up and batts are charging in the sun and the inverter shows 15.5 v after just 2 days with no load on them!! We are on hiatus until July with the Ace projects, so I am thinking about taking off and trying everything out in the new STEALTH camper! Maybe just a run down to southern Illinois and the Shawnee National Forest for a few days, with a few Walmart lots at night to do some boondocking!


  1. Sounds like an awesome first run and the weather is shaping up nicely for you. Will be good to get little kinks out early so there's less to deal with once you head west.

  2. Trailer is looking nice. I like the paneling. Did you put insulation behind it as well? I like the idea of putting white melamine over the foil and if you put some nice 1/4 round molding up too it will have a nice finished look.

    1. Yes, there is 1 1/2" Celotex behind the panelling...

  3. WOW - when can I come and move in with you ?
    Your at the zenith of lux living on the cheap ....
    You will be the Emperior of the mobile codgers

  4. Very nice! I'm doing cartwheels for you! I'm catching up and it feels like I went through a time warp or something. Pretty amazing stuff John. Way to go!