Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shell Mound State Park

Just outside of Cedar Key, FL is an area known as Indian Shell Mound. Thousands of years ago, Indians inhabited the area, and generation after generation they raised their children, buried their dead, and lived peaceful lives, on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico.
Their sources of food included abundant wildlife, as well as even more abundant seafood! For decades, they tossed the bones and the shells not far from the waters edge, and the result were mounds reaching heights of 28 feet, stretching far along their camp boundary....the mounds served multiple purposes, including a windbreak as well as a means of protection from other Indians attacking them.
The entire area is now a state park and an archaeological site, and has multiple boat launches, a small campground with full hookup sites, as well as a walking trail to the mounds area itself.
The Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge surrounds the area, and development will likely never happen. Rich in history, but other than that just not much to see or do here.....but the views are spectacular!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meet Katie and Jess

Every now and then, I meet some very interesting people! Saturday out at the Tiki bar behind the Low Key Hideaway in Cedar Key, FL I met not 1 but 2 very interesting as well as pretty young ladies, who are on a very interesting journey of their own!! Here they are.............
Thats Katie on the left, Jess on the right....these girls are fascinating to talk to! I could NOT believe what they are doing!! Rather than even try to explain it here, I will just refer you to their website---katieandjessieonaboat.com and you can read all about it for yourselves! They are on a once in a lifetime journey, that they will remember all their lives! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know that if these young ladies were my daughters, I would be worried sick about them, but I would also be so proud of them for what they are doing! Hell, I'm proud of them now! Go to their site, and tell me how many 23 year old girls you know that are doing ANYTHING even remotely close to what they are doing!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Katie.....Jessie.....I am very glad that our paths crossed! You are amazing young women, on a great journey! I will be following your voyage! I will pray for you to have smooth sailing, and may the wind be always at your backs. I am very proud of both of you!

To much R and R??

Well, shoot!! Been here in Cedar Key, FL for right at a week and I never thought I would say this, but I'm getting BORED!! Not being a fisherman, or not even being fond of the water, this really isn't the place for a guy like me to be!! Don't get me wrong, this place is gorgeous, and I love it here, but for me a week of doing absolutely nothing is getting old---FAST!! I realize now that I SHOULD have brought the trailer with me!! Kicking myself for not doing so!! And I still have 5 days to go---already paid for.....ho hum..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I still have about 5 weeks to go before we get called back to work, and I will be soooo ready!! In the meantime, hanging out back home won't be that bad. The time will go by quick!! Plus, will be there for the holidays this year. Last year at this time, I was in Quartzsite, AZ hanging out and boondocking in the desert, and loving every minute of it! Guess I could go home and hook up the trailer and head west for a month or so....about the 1st time it gets down in the teens, I may just do that! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hanging out in Cedar Key.........

Coming up on a week in Cedar Key, well on Monday that is....but having a very relaxing visit! Life here just seems so laid back all the time. But also, the locals all seem to be in a rush, especially the commercial fishermen! They seem to be going full tilt all the time. I see them coming onto the island early of a morning, and they don't seem to go back until 7 or 8 at night......some have real nice boats, some have boats that look as though they are held together with chicken wire!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I first visited Cedar Key back in 2009, I went and checked out a local eatery named Kona Joes Island Cafe. And each time I return to visit, I stop in and see the owners---Joe and Edie.....and I eat here often when in town. This morning, after breakfast, while sitting out on the porch I snapped a few pics of the exterior of Kona Joes.....hope you like!!
If you're thinking its a cool place, well, you're right!! It is!! The outside and inside is decorated with island art and exudes a laid back way of life. And, the foods pretty darned good too! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Later today, headed out to Shell Mound State Park.....more on it along with pics tomorrow! Hope everyone is safe and warm wherever you are!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 1 in Paradise...........

So I made it in to the Low Key Hideaway in Cedar Key, FL and got checked in and situated, and journeyed out to the Tiki Bar and settled in to a comfy chair and proceeded to indulge myself and slake my thirst with some COLD Coors Lite, while catching up with Pat Bonish from www.everymilesamemory.com and had a great visit, and made some new friends who are here from Maine..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The evening progressed, and the beer was flowing, but I did manage to capture the sunset! Enjoy...............
Even after the sun drops over the Gulf of Mexico, the magic continues......
But it didn't stop there!! Just a couple minutes later, we were presented this view of the western sky............
And then it got dark very fast, and the chilly air moved in. Pats wife Cindy showed up a few minutes later with a crock pot of fresh made chili, and we all helped ourselves while Pat fired up the woodstove in a corner. These guys KNOW how to take care of their guests! The chili was delicious! The little woodstove with a crackling fire chased away the chill in the air, good conversation and cold beer...made me wonder---can it get any better? The answer is yes---tomorrow! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wherever you are, hope you are safe and warm!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cedar Key pics............

This is some of the back bay area of the Gulf of Mexico around Cedar Key...this is at low tide..... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then I caught these guys hanging out just before the sunset tonight, which was unspectacular......think my lens is either filthy or something was wrong since this pic looks grainy!
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will be cleaning camera tonight in hopes of getting better quality pics posted tomorrow!!

I remember now!!

I left Illinois Saturday morning at daylight headed for Cedar Key, FL.....drove to Ringgold,GA before pulling off for the night for some sleep. Suburban did REALLY well on gas, right at 17.6 mpg!! Thats great for this behemoth! Kept it on cruise most of the way at 65 mph.....aggravated a lot of drivers who were doing 80 plus, but what do I care!! I'm on vacation!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Left Ringgold Sunday morning and drove to Lake City,FL before stopping again. Room reservation wasn't until Monday, so I took my time and hung out in Lake City until about noon, then rolled on down I-75 to Gainesville and got on SR24 west to Cedar Key...got into town a little early, couldn't check in till 3pm, but Amber, the Assistant Manager for the Low Key Hideaway went ahead and let me in just after 2pm...what a sweetie!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its been about 18 months since I was last here, and Pat and Cindy have made a lot of changes to the place, all for the better I think! Wasn't here 30 minutes before I was kicked back out on the dock in a comfy chair, just hanging out watching the tide roll in!! Cell phone turned off, so no distractions...just blissful peace in the gorgeous warm sunshine.....Pat and Cindy won't care if I do absolutely NOTHING the whole time I'm here, and THAT is the plan!!! Do absolutely as little (or as much) as I want!! Isn't that what vacations are for? I mean, THAT is why I came here!! I was beginning to forget WHY I was driving almost 1000 miles, but after an hour here I remembered!! Stay tuned for pics, they will be coming in the next few days!!! 9