Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dreamers, Wannabes, Wafflers and BLOWHARDS!

Whoever that old soul was who came up with the saying "it takes all kinds" sure was right! I bought a Gulfstream AmeriLite 25' travel trailer a few weeks ago, with the plan being that when I am at last free to travel I will use the Ford E350 Cargo Van that I am slowly converting to a camper to do my travelling/living in, and in the spring return to my home base and spend 6 months of nice weather in the comfort of the travel trailer. Don't get me wrong, the STEALTH cargo camper was VERY comfortable these past 3 years, but alas, I turned 60 this past summer and I wanted something a little bigger, and a little nicer! And I had the money and thought--why the heck not!!! Its just money, I will get more...sometimes, it just seems to find me!!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------..------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So.......I took a few pics of the STEALTH cargo camper and placed an ad on Craigslist to try to sell it. Even included the original 80 watt roof mounted solar panel, wrote a nice ad telling how I had paneled and carpeted and insulated I had camped in it all over the country, in total someone else who wanted to get away from it all , or turn it into a MAN CAVE, could do it with just $3000!!!
Well, the phone started ringing!! And emails started coming in!! Unfortunately, it is still setting here right next to the new Gulfstream, looking abandoned.....poor thing, no one wants me?? I had a guy drive 80 miles to look it over, offered me $2000. and not a penny more, I just laughed at him and told him to have a nice trip home! Then another guy came and wanted me to finance it for him.....uhhhhhhh no....then a couple showed up with cash in hand, 30 crisp $100 bills!!! The girl loved it, and started backing the truck up to hitch it up!!! But.....the male half of the couple started waffling on the deal, and I knew the girl was going to get mad.........they left after 3 hours of him trying to jew me down on the price, and her calling him every single cuss word I have ever heard in my life!! We got within $300 but I told him at that price I was keeping the solar panel.......needless to say they went home empty handed, and the STEALTH cargo camper still sits here, looking a little forlorn.......