Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Great weather!!

I am in Ohio this week and all of next on my job, and the weather is unbelievable!! Was in Cincinnatti Monday, Wheelersburg Tuesday, Portsmouth today, and am in Wilmington tonight thru Friday afternoon---and the temp right now at 3:45pm is 68 degrees!! And its only the last day of February!! Thats really awesome weather for this time of year in this part of the country!!

Its only 3 weeks to Spring, and I realize absolutely ANYTHING can happen weather related, but lets all keep our fingers crossed that old man winter has died a quick death this year, and the warmth stays with us!! Won't hurt my feelings any at all!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recent events, and plans for the future...........

Some of you already know about this, my trailer and its contents was recently stolen from property where I had it parked in was chained to a utility pole, the hitch had a padlock on it, and the stabilizer jacks were in was also hooked up to power. I came back to it after 2 weeks on the road working, looking forward to just relaxing for a few days, only to find it gone! The log chain was cut, the hitch padlock was cut, and the stabilizer jacks were there...but the trailer was gone!

I foolishly let the insurance lapse!! I notified the sheriffs department, filed the report, but the deputy didn't offer much hope to it being found. He did tell me they would check with local pawn shops in case the thieves hocked the tv/wind turbine/solar panels/inverter etc....but to no avail....its likely long gone!!

Needless to say, I was really upset about it!! Even moreso with myself for being so cheap as to let the insurance run out!! I had that trailer custom built, with 6" extra interior height...wired for 30 amp electric...a 13,500 btu roof air conditioning unit...almost $4000 less than a year ago.

Add to that a 37" flat screen tv...200 watts of solar panels...2 AGM Lifeline batteries...a 2000 watt inverter...a 550 watt Air X wind turbine...a custom built air actuated turbine lift...2 Coleman LP gas fired heaters...fridge...microwave...coffeemaker...MY CLOTHES!! My bed...and so many other things!! Total loss now close to $9500!! Needless to say, for a few days, I was sick over it. I posted a reward in local papers, with a pic of the trailer, $2500. CASH for its return-NO QUESTIONS ASKED-NO responses....a 2nd ad with a $2500. CASH reward for info leading to the arrest and conviction of the parties responsible for the theft. Again, no responses...

I spoke with a good friend who helped me see that there was NOTHING in the trailer, including the trailer itself, that could not be replaced! In time, and with money, all that was taken could be re-purchased! A new trailer, even better than the first, could be built. Put it out of my mind she told me, and go forward!

And guess what?? I have!! Now I'm working, making really good money, and already planning the NEW RV!! Thought very briefly about buying this!!
But, don't have the $100k available!! But, just look at that interior!! WOW!! Then, I briefly looked at THIS!!
But, this would take a 1 ton pickup, and when you add the price of the truck AND the trailer together, I could have bought this instead, and had money left over...
But really, none of these are "STEALTHY" like the original trailer was, by, am thinking seriously about something like THIS!!
These conversion vans are pretty nice, and I can pick this one up for under $10k!! Solar panels can be put on the roof, the center seats would be removed for a smaller dinette, and I could cruise the country and be perfectly comfortable! And it fits in with the minimalist lifestyle! Stealth can be obtained by heavy tint on the windows....

Of course, I could get lucky and hit the lottery, and buy THIS!!

But, what are the odds right?? Whatever I end up with next, have to be honest and say I'm leaning hard towards the used conversion van!! Plans are to keep working, keep building the travel fund/RV fund, and when I'm ready, I will make the purchase and HIT THE ROAD AGAIN!! It won't take to awful long, so stay tuned as I continue to explore my options!

Monday, February 27, 2012

David Foster: Hit Man Returns "Pie Jesu" (Jackie Evancho)

Can you believe this little girls voice!! And she is only like---12?? The next Sarah Brightman!!!!!!

Preparing a post with some bad news that some of my readers already know about, but just way to tired tonight to go ahead and write it!! Check back tomorrow.....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'When you say nothing at all' by Alison Krauss with lyrics

It was 39 years ago today when a very sweet girl made me so happy, saying I do and becoming my significant other, definitely my better half! It seems like you've been gone a lifetime already....I know you're watching over me, and always will until we are together again for all of eternity. Until then, here is your favorite you punkin, miss you every day.....John

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston - One Moment In Time(Grammy Awards Live)

Goodbye to a superstar!!

Gone to soon...........

Tragic to hear that Whitney Houston has left us....she at her prime was THE superstar in pop music!! She could really hit those high notes! And she was easy on the eyes too! And she was great in The Bodyguard!

Friday, February 10, 2012

In the morning light - Music: Yanni

A friend sent me this earlier this evening, she knows I love this type music, thought I would share it with you!!

I am staying over this weekend here in South Bend, snowing out right now, and I just sat here listening to this while I watched it snow, and just drifted away.............

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Missing the road.............

Have been back in the midwest just about 2 weeks, and am missing being on the open road and sleeping in my trailer!! But, it MUST have been God leading me to leave when I did and return to Illinois!! Because I was not here even 3 days when an opportunity presented itself to go to work! And after talking with the recruiter for this company about the perks and benefits, I jumped at the opportunity!!

I mean, the money, in my opinion is great.....last week, my first week, I made $820. NET in just 4 days, $20 per day per diem, .47 cents a mile travel, AND hotel paid for!! I expect a naysayer to get on here and say thats chump change for a chump, but I will take it EVERY DAMN DAY!!!

Especially when you consider that just 2 weeks ago I was sweating over deciding what to do and where to go from Arizona!! It won't take long to store up some serious cash in the travel fund at this rate, and I'm told the company has PLENTY of scheduled work all year long!! Suits me fine!!

One thing about it, that open road will STILL be there waiting for me.....and my trailer will STILL be ready to hook up and roll when I am!! This past trip and the 6 months that I was on the road was a learning curve experience for me! I know a lot more now about solar power, how much LP I need for a week in the desert,how the rules work when camping on BLM lands, and many other things. I learned just how little money I could get by on every day and still be well fed and comfortable! I learned you can camp/sleep in damn near ANYTHING!! And I learned that total strangers can turn out to be best friends with me on the internet and my blog!People who I may never meet, giving me encouragement to follow my dream of a very basic and simple lifestyle! And, me encouraging some of those same people to get out there and do it too!

But I think the most important thing I learned was just how great it was to camp in the desert, or in a Pilot parking lot, or an interstate rest wake up at 5am without a care in the see the star filled sky from the total darkness of the Arizona desert and wonder.....and realize that THIS is exactly what I want to do again, in the future...and I WILL!! And I hope that you'll be there with me when that time comes around!

I will be on every now and then just to keep you guys posted on how things are the meantime, everyone stay safe and warm!!