Monday, December 26, 2011

The arrogance of some people!!

OK, well Christmas has come and went once more!! Whew, thank God!! Did everybody get what they wanted?? I know I did!! Christmas in a new place, never been to before, gorgeous sunshine filled day!! I mean lets face it, I've never been to Quartzsite before, and who knows if I will ever be here again? And it was just a nice day in general!! Nobody messed with me...nobody looked down their noses at me...nobody expressed disappointment over my gifts to them...I mean, I sat in the Pilot lot and watched at least 25 morons pull up to the drive thru at McDs next door and honk their horns and yell into the speaker before they finally realized the place was CLOSED!! DOH!!

The sunset last night was non spectacular, but check out this shot

The little crescent moon.....I thought it was pretty! And the stars last night were just beautiful!! You've never really seen the night sky and its splendor until you park in the desert away from man made lights and lay down on a blanket and just gaze one can tell me there is no God!!

Back to the title----ARROGANCE of some people!! Last night, I was just laying in bed, not a speck of noise other than the coyotes in the distance, was about 9pm, when I heard a generator start up right next to my trailer, and that damn thing was loud!! It was literally vibrating my trailers walls!! I get up and go outside, and this yahoo in a 40' motorhome had slid in right next to me, put his slides out, and fired up his genset so he could run his furnace all nite to keep his piss ant hairless dog warm!! Are you KIDDING me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theres literally acres and acres of open land in this section of BLM and this goober has to park right NEXT to me?? I went back in and put earplugs in and pulled the covers over my head.....but I left at 5am to get away from the racket but not without pulling my truck up by his bedroom slideout and laying on the horn for a good 30 seconds, plus blasting him with a marine air horn for good measure!! When I went back at 11am he was gone...

And then today, I get an email from this woman who is supposedly a friend, telling me I can't set in my truck all day and expect the world to come to me...that I need to get out and explore more of the town and the area, and live life more!!

This by the way from a woman who I graciously loaned money to earlier in the month so she would have gas to get around....which yes, she did pay me back. But, who the hell does she think SHE is telling ME what to do and how to do it?? Maybe I actually ENJOY my days just as they are!!!!!!! And maybe, just maybe, I don't feel like spending my money on gas at $3.19 a gallon in a truck that gets 10 mpg to cruise around and check out the area!! I have somehow managed to live 57 and 1/2 years without her unsolicited input on how to spend my time, and I'm pretty damn sure I can live the rest of my life without her input!! Two words come to mind for her-----BUZZ OFF!! I mean, I don't tell her that she needs to get out of that rock club and go spend her time more wisely volunteering at a local church fixing food to feed the, what the hell!!!

Arrogance.....a very ugly personality trait in some people!!


  1. My first thought is that people really don't understand the joy of solitude. There's a peace that comes with getting really still and hearing your own inner voice (and heck, it's a pretty good conversation too).

    My guess is that those people who pulled up right beside you did so because they at some level didn't want to be alone. Most humans are after all pack animals. So you were their beacon, the person telling them it was indeed ok to put up camp for the night.

    Too bad it ruined your sleep though :(

    Maybe tonight....

  2. Well perhaps Maria.....tonite will be better, quieter I hope!! Have to move tomorrow anyway--2 weeks are up at this spot!!

  3. Your in my prayers for peace John - in your days and nights. I seem to be having my own issues with people lately and I keep having to remind myself that they probably didn't wake up dead-set on ruining my day as their goal. Although sometimes it seems like it.

    It doesn't mean that they don't royally piss me off anyway, it just means that I have to remember the significance (when I can). Possibly even the source. Most people mean well. They just don't know how.

    I'm also guilty of stepping on people's toes when I don't mean to. Sometimes I find out later that I did it and I didn't even know it! That always crushes me. It hurts me a lot to find out I've hurt others. Does your friend know how you feel?

    I also find myself lately having to remember people's limitations. I know a lot of people that really are doing the best they can and are just maxed out. I try to surround myself only with people that lift me Higher so they may not be what or who I need in my life on a consistent basis, but when I have to interact with them, I try to do so based on their limited ability to meet my need(s).

    None of that may be the case with your friend though, and I have no idea why I'm rambling so. It's not that I think you need my two cents worth. It's just that I care and it seems like it hurt you. Maybe you can be friends with her on a different level - one that works for both of you while recognizing the limitations (?). I hate to see you lose someone that was important to you, even if it was just for a little while. Different friends for different needs and days... does that make sense?

    As for the generator, I'm so glad to know how they affect people around them since I'm quite sure I'll be one of those pesky users one day. At least I know now to get as far away from others as I possibly can. I'd never want to disrupt someone's sleep or serenity. Seems to me that goes against the whole mobile living thing!

    Love, hugZ, prayers and blessings to you my friend. I hope you are able to sleep tight tonight, D

  4. Hi John

    I would have thought about putting a couple of dents in his fancy trailer also - I just hate people like that. Maybe stick a potato into his muffler !!

    I hope it was not "DSD" who got you a little upset with advice, she adds a lot of color to your blog.

    I'm working on my own little stealth cargo trailer project , most of the fun is in the building which never seams to end. If you wanna check it out here is the link. You might get some great ideas for you in the future.

    I also love your wind mill- generator, I will look into something like that a little more, your idea is supper great. If you have time tell us how its working out ? If you keep it low, will it work while driving ?

  5. No, it wasn't DSD............Will be sure to check out your trailer conversion! The wind turbine is removed from its mount while travelling, and its putting out right at 45 amps when batts are fully charged....then I have a dump load on it when power level in batts gets maxed, to keep from ruining batts.

  6. @OvertheTopCargoTrailer - I have been accused of a lot of things but never "adding color." That's a first. LOL. ;)

    @ BlackSheep - thanks for letting him know it wasn't me. I hope you're doing well today. Let us know where you moved to, OK? HugZ!

  7. John where are you staying? We are in hi jolly. Stop by and say hi. We are the only Winnebago View here as far as I can tell. Look for the scooter and you'll know it's us.

    We're heading to Yuma tomorrow sometime after noon so if you don't see a View at hi jolly, we've hit the road and I'll catch up with you next time.

    I agree with you that there are some rude son of a guns here. Last night around 6:30 we were parked behind McDonalds and some asshat in a beat up van pulled so close to our RV that we couldn't even open the coach door! Some people just don't think?!

  8. John I do believe you were right when you said the old mean guy I ran into at McDonalds was driving the white dodge van. I saw him there, parked in the same area today.

    I'd love to slap him silly. LOL! He needs to learn a little humility and respect for others.

  9. I forgot to mention that your set up is so stealthy that the RVers might have figured that it was a contractors rig & NO ONE was inside. Having no windows really makes your "home" super stealthy. I dn't know as I'd be too hard on anyone that parks near you and proceeds to act as if you aren't there... because it looks as if you really aren't there.

  10. Swankie needs to mind her own business. Leave the comments. She can do nothing about it. She actually invites people to get in touch with her on the yahoo group and then cannot seem to deal with it when they come calling...lmao.

  11. Swankie is always around when she needs something...and doesn't let ya forget if she gives something.

  12. I hear you !!! Excellent observations. I am in TOTAL agreement with you. Derek

  13. This happened to me the other night at walmart in destin florida. I was the only RV in the entire parking lot. I was way over on the side parked next to the pallets of landscaping products. To my left was mulch and my right was at least 30 empty parking spots.

    Dont'cha know that some idiot in his clapped out "race truck" (no exhaust) comes over and parks just 1 space away from my RV. I'm in bed. It's florida and it's warm so, all my windows are open... theirs are too. I can hear every freakin' word they're saying.

    I could have just moved but said to heck with it and shut the windows.

    It's really weird how some people think... or don't think.

    One of the 3 rules that the ranger at HI JOLLY BLM land told me was park at least 50 feet away from your neighbor. Now I understand why.