Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where did he go??????????

I have to wonder, where did my little troll go?? He has not sent me any messages for months now.....maybe he went to prison, very strong possibility, since it was revealed on another blog whose owner told me my little troll was a pedophile!! Must be locked away someplace without internet access.....oh well, we don't need a pedophile blogging anyway. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Still in Chicago this week, but it is definitely cold up here!! Work is going very well and we have months and months scheduled! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Catch you all later! Everyone, stay warm!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Back at it!!

I know its been a while since I posted, but the spammers were getting so crazy, I just shut down for a break!! So many comments were coming in from bloggers overseas that included a link to their website seeking free advertising that I just said the heck with the blog until I got a handle on it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a relaxing visit to Florida back in December, I headed west to Arizona for a few weeks. Camped in the desert on BLM land outside Quartzsite, and Yuma as well. Temps were mild and had a great time! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The company I worked for last year called me 2 weeks ago wanting me to come back on the road with them on a new project in Ace stores, so I said OK and here I am! Presently in the Chicago market for the first 6 weeks, then heading into the Grand Rapids, MI market for a couple months. The work is similar to that of last year, and the money is good.....and it all just goes into the travel fund! We have enough work scheduled right now to get thru April.....then I might head back out west for a few weeks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope all is well with you wherever you are! Stay safe, and stay warm!!