Thursday, January 8, 2015

The "new" trailer

Finally managed to get a few pics of the Gulfstream and thought I would post them....I love this new trailer, the big picture window, the front bedroom, the whole thing!! I even come out and set at the dinette dressed like an eskimo in Carharrts and watch a little tv and have some coffee, dreaming of spring....which is still 10 weeks away......
Winter has definitely arrived, sub zero temps and brutal wind chills!! But I still like to set in the trailer and dream.......spring will be here before we know it!! Last year at this time we had over a foot anda half of snow out here!! Meanwhile, the STEALTH camper is still setting here, unsold, and looking forlorn......poor thing, I should move back in, clean it up and rearrange things and stay in it through the winter. But my mom needs me to be with her at night, so that's where I am. I really didn't expect the camper to sell in the winter........maybe come warmer weather it will get more interest...... Hope everyone is keeping warm wherever you are! Stay safe and BE WELL!