Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The King of Mobile Codgers!!

Yesterday afternoon, while setting at Pilot, a guy walks up to me and asks "are you BlackSheep?" to which I replied yes.....the man is known to me as "Squire" and is one of my good readers that posts now and then. Squire and I had a nice chat, and he told me that Randy the King of Mobile Codgers was in town and had recently set up camp at BLM land north of town with W.I.N. group!! This excited me greatly, because Randy is the guy that I modelled my trailer design after! I have followed Randys blog for some time now, and was hoping to meet the man while I was out west this year.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my pal Randy...

Randy is a true character! In my day, my generation would have referred to Randy as "one COOL dude!" If you go to his blog, mobilecodgers.blogspot.com and read it, you'll discover that Randy will approach anybody, ask probing questions, get the story, add his own insights, and post it all to his blog for the world to see! Thats one of the things I like about the man, and have put it into practice myself.....everybody has a story that they want to tell! If you can just get them to open up and share it with you!

I found Randy after looking for nearly an hour this morning, he was out walking with his friend Sally (a real LOOKER!) and he graciously gave me some of his time, for which I was grateful. Thank You Randy, and safe travels to you and your group!

Now if I can just hang out here in Quartzsite long enough to get Glenn from tosimplify.net out here, then the winter stay will have been worth it!


  1. Are you ready for his in depth analyzation of you on his blog?! LOL!

    I always thought it's strange how he "befriends" someone, gets their story and then when at a safe distance... rips them a new a-hole on his blog.

    I know you and glenn both think highly of him but I think he's a sham.

    Luckily, we don't all have to agree. >;-)

  2. I wondered as I typed that out what he might say, but won't make any difference really.to each his own right?

  3. Well.... did you get a
    Randy story to share? I'm sure he has a few good ones you could philosophize about :)

    If you want to see Glenn I suspect you'll have to head his way. He seems to be moseying at quite a slow pace, having settled into the laid back rhythm of the bayou.

  4. No Maria, no stories....he was walking with a lady and her dog, didn't really have time....

  5. I have come to enjoy "editing" to my blog. One little post about a guy that I find interesting seems to have stirred up another guy who disagrees. Mike, you want to bash Randy, start your own blog and have at it! Don't expect to get away with it on mine! Ya, I DELETED your last 2 comments, because its my blog, and because I can! The man never did anything to me other than inspire me in designing my own trailer.....

  6. Awww.... I kinda liked the contrast.

    I don't have an opinion on Randy having never met him but from what I've read in his blog I guess he's ok.

    But he doesn't make me all starry eyed...

  7. Hello again Blacksheep: Thanks for featuring me on your blog. Interesting to see how one is seen. Sorry about the loss of your trailer. Sonja noticed my latest blog and wanted you to know about it. Yesterday I visited the stealth trailer---found it unchanged and---sadly unused. It's in the Phoenix area and can be had for $3000. If you're interested e-mail me for details.