Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Camera troubles...........

So, all settled in here at my new location, at exit 62 off I-10, about 20 miles west of Deming, NM. Its fairly deserted out here, we are the only thing on this exit. Have been out driving around the area, but there just isn't that much to see! Few mountains but not really big mountains.....took a drive this afternoon to an area about 7 miles south and found an old ghost town with a few buildings scattered about, plus an old GOLD MINE!! Yeah, a REAL GOLD MINE!! Abandoned for many years, and the entrance blocked off by braided steel cables about a foot thick......took many pics and intended to post them, but my Easy Share by Kodak is not cooperating at all, as usual......I hate this damn thing!! As soon as I get the money together, plan to buy a nice Canon as recommended by my buddy Pat Bonish at who knows cameras!

Meanwhile, the Stealth Camper is working out great!! Before I left Illinois my buddy Dwayne Reel installed my shower base, and we rigged up the shower curtain holder from 1" pvc pipe, and it works really well! The solar panels continue to get a good workout here in New Mexico and I will soon be hooking up the wind turbine. I plan to keep this trailer for a long time, and continue to work on the interior. Next thing to do is get a new, more comfortable bed! Have been sleeping on a chaise lounge I picked up at a yard sale last year, but the cushion is getting thin.....going with a mates twin bed from Walmart with a 6" mattress. The bed itself has 3 drawers at the base for storing things, which will come in handy!

Next project:Insulating the walls and ceiling! Winter is coming, and I need to be ready!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back online with wi-fi!!

WOW!! So much has happened since my last post! The company transferred me that next day to a store 20 mi. west of Deming, NM which is right at 300 mi. southwest of where I was. I headed out of Bluewater and got about 50 mi. south of Albequerque and blew my water pump!! Got towed back to Albequerque ($345.!!) to a Firestone store, where the manager was the brother of a mechanic friend I knew from Bluewater.....cost to get back on the road, including towing, was right at $1,000!! They let me set in the parking lot 6 days and nights, sleeping in my stealth trailer, they let me use their bathroom, they made me coffee every morning.....just a nice bunch of guys who knew they had me over the barrell!! Couldn't leave in the night, as they pulled the truck in every, I just hung out!

Got back on the road and made it here, barely.....had to stop every 20-25 miles and let the truck cool down, still had bad radiator hoses, but no money to replace......being poor sucks sometimes!! But, I made it in, got trailer on site with a full hookup, and went to work the next day. Been 2 full weeks, and its going pretty good......there was no wi-fi onsite until today. The company sent a couple of I.T. guys down and they got it all installed, and I'm in the trailer typing this showing a full signal. Got my DISH TV hooked up this past Sunday, so I'm happy again!!

Will get some area pics posted soon.......