Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back online with wi-fi!!

WOW!! So much has happened since my last post! The company transferred me that next day to a store 20 mi. west of Deming, NM which is right at 300 mi. southwest of where I was. I headed out of Bluewater and got about 50 mi. south of Albequerque and blew my water pump!! Got towed back to Albequerque ($345.!!) to a Firestone store, where the manager was the brother of a mechanic friend I knew from Bluewater.....cost to get back on the road, including towing, was right at $1,000!! They let me set in the parking lot 6 days and nights, sleeping in my stealth trailer, they let me use their bathroom, they made me coffee every morning.....just a nice bunch of guys who knew they had me over the barrell!! Couldn't leave in the night, as they pulled the truck in every, I just hung out!

Got back on the road and made it here, barely.....had to stop every 20-25 miles and let the truck cool down, still had bad radiator hoses, but no money to replace......being poor sucks sometimes!! But, I made it in, got trailer on site with a full hookup, and went to work the next day. Been 2 full weeks, and its going pretty good......there was no wi-fi onsite until today. The company sent a couple of I.T. guys down and they got it all installed, and I'm in the trailer typing this showing a full signal. Got my DISH TV hooked up this past Sunday, so I'm happy again!!

Will get some area pics posted soon.......

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