Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm still alive and kicking, just sort of stalled at posting!! Lots going camera is on its way which will hopefully allow me to take some great pics, and with the 30x zoom it definitely should! New bed frame has arrived, (yet to be assembled!) plus a new 8" memory foam mattress!! After sleeping the past year on a 2" thick pad on a chaise lounge narrower than a twin bed, this new set-up should throw me into sleep heaven!!

Cooling off here in southern New Mexico, and last night I brought out my new electric blankie from, slept SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!! And when you throw in the ear plugs I got from a guy on Ebay, the steady blasts of train whistles from Union Pacific did not even faze me!!

When the new camera arrives, will post some pics of before and after of my sleep chamber!! Some of you will likely say---how on earth did he sleep on THAT!!!!!!!! Hey, when you're tired, you can sleep on most anything!

Stand by, more coming real soon.............

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