Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back to work!!

This past week I made a trip down to Little Rock, Arkansas to see some good friends and just hang out a few days. While there, was reading some blogs I follow and discovered that Cherie and Chris from were in St. Louis area visiting family. If you go to their site, you'll discover that they are travelling the land in a really cool restored bus, and they are VERY tech savvy!! And, way cool people! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, on my return, I dropped them an email saying I was passing through and would love to hook up!! They were up for it, so we made arrangements and met in Columbia, IL which is where Chris' parents live. Cherie wasn't feeling up to snuff, but she came anyway. We had a great visit, talking about things like solar power, lithium batteries,how I fund my lifestyle, etc....they even did a short video about me which will be up on their site in the near future! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So we hung out in a nice city park in the shade for an hour or so, and then I rolled out for home. No doubt our paths will cross again sometime down the road!! They are a fine example of younger nomads, living their dream, not confined in a sticks and bricks house with all the nonsense that goes with that type of life! I highly recommend their site, tons of useful info on it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I rolled back in home Thursday evening, and found a FedEx envelope waiting for me. It was from this company I am working for as an IC, informing me that we are going back to work on June 25th, with at least 3 months solid work all set up! But, they have switched me from the Ace Hardware team over to the Lowes team! We are starting in Indianapolis district, then heading to Kentucky, and on to Ohio, wrapping up the 3rd quarter in Atlanta.......4th quarter is still up in the air but looks like we will be in Georgia and Florida! I could use a good 6 months of solid work, to build up the travel fund! Will be good to get back on the road with the STEALTH camper, maybe back to Arizona for a few months!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Always nice to meet up with friends. Maybe someday you'll meet that Troll you love so much :)

    Great news on work too... nice to line the coffers a bit!

  2. Well, did you enjoy the heat down in my neck of the woods? I'm within 40 miles of Little Rock. Sounds like you had a good trip and have a good work schedule lined up.

    Do you get to enjoy the areas where you work or do they have you plumb wore out at the end of the day?

    brenda from ar

    1. Brenda,
      Ya, it WAS warm down there for sure!! And yes, we are always out of the stores by 4pm, and the evening is ours to do as we please with. I generally go back and hang at the hotel, or if theres a Waffle House or Bob Evans nearby, thats where I'll be!

  3. Dang Blacksheep, Little Rock is my neck of the woods but we were in the "Land between the Lakes" region of Ky/Tn heading for Pa. in late August/

  4. Next time dip just a little further south. ;) I'm so glad you got to visit old and new friends - that is awesome. Glad too that the job is going well. You'll be out there again before you know it. HugZ!