Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter has arrived!!!

Here we are just 2 weeks into December, with winter officially a week away yet, and I woke up this morning in the STEALTH camper to find this!!
Isn't that a beautiful scene!! Of course, I can say that because I don't have to get out in it and go anywhere!! I have plenty of food and water in the STEALTH camper to last for days.....I have checked on my parents 5 miles away in town and they don't need anything...and even though I have 4 wheel drive, the roads are a mess so I'm just going to sit it out and wait for the state and county road crews to do their thing!!
It seems like I have seen an over abundance of snow in 2013!! I was here in central Illinois last year at this time and we had several light snows...then in the spring I went workamping in South Dakota and the 1st month I was there we had over 4 FEET of snow over a 4 week period!!! And now, here I am back in central Illinois, and looking at our 2nd winter storm already, and its still officially autumn!!??!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ But, the countdown to Spring has already begun!!! Less than 100 days to go!! Hope everyone is safe and warm wherever you are!!

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