Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'When you say nothing at all' by Alison Krauss with lyrics

It was 39 years ago today when a very sweet girl made me so happy, saying I do and becoming my significant other, definitely my better half! It seems like you've been gone a lifetime already....I know you're watching over me, and always will until we are together again for all of eternity. Until then, here is your favorite song....love you punkin, miss you every day.....John


  1. Beautiful song and sentiment. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This made me cry. You never cease to amaze me John. Maria is right - just beautiful. In every sense of the word. Big, big hugZ to you from here to there, Debra

  3. No wonder Don likes you !!!
    YOUR so .............romantic

  4. Great post JohN!


  5. Don

    You gotta love how the shekles keep rolling down the hill towards Glenn,
    Looks like soon he will have a guru in India take care of everything blogging for him.
    Soon he will just use his Internet to check his pay pal account !!!!
    I'm always amazed how little $$$$$ and fame it takes to change people

    Debra used to have a real squeeze on Glenn. Now the silence is defining after his visit,
    Zero comments for 5 days now
    I love to follow all these little branches on the Internet , just amazing.
    Have you noticed Glenn never posts pictures of him and his Flock ?
    Everyone in USA likes 15 Minutes of fame , how come Glenn does not like to share like Randy ??
    Except Randy keeps his hoties under his hat :-))
    I'm still reserving my conclusions with Glenn more watching is needed ??

    How much Cash did you see this week ? Did you break the $1k barrier yet ?

  6. John ......Another day

    and still no word of Deborah on Glenn's blog ? Do you think she could be really sick ?
    She did not even send a Happy Birthday wish to the cat ? I am starting to worry about her !!

  7. John

    Finally Debra is back posting to Glenn, amazing 54 posts of happy birthday to a cat !! Have you thought about getting some cats ? to spice up your blog ? or maybe just blog about your cat called punkin even better...... ?? Strange world we live in

    Just amazing

  8. Hi, John, thank's a lot for sharing this beautiful song.