Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recent events, and plans for the future...........

Some of you already know about this, my trailer and its contents was recently stolen from property where I had it parked in Illinois....it was chained to a utility pole, the hitch had a padlock on it, and the stabilizer jacks were in place...it was also hooked up to power. I came back to it after 2 weeks on the road working, looking forward to just relaxing for a few days, only to find it gone! The log chain was cut, the hitch padlock was cut, and the stabilizer jacks were there...but the trailer was gone!

I foolishly let the insurance lapse!! I notified the sheriffs department, filed the report, but the deputy didn't offer much hope to it being found. He did tell me they would check with local pawn shops in case the thieves hocked the tv/wind turbine/solar panels/inverter etc....but to no avail....its likely long gone!!

Needless to say, I was really upset about it!! Even moreso with myself for being so cheap as to let the insurance run out!! I had that trailer custom built, with 6" extra interior height...wired for 30 amp electric...a 13,500 btu roof air conditioning unit...almost $4000 less than a year ago.

Add to that a 37" flat screen tv...200 watts of solar panels...2 AGM Lifeline batteries...a 2000 watt inverter...a 550 watt Air X wind turbine...a custom built air actuated turbine lift...2 Coleman LP gas fired heaters...fridge...microwave...coffeemaker...MY CLOTHES!! My bed...and so many other things!! Total loss now close to $9500!! Needless to say, for a few days, I was sick over it. I posted a reward in local papers, with a pic of the trailer, $2500. CASH for its return-NO QUESTIONS ASKED-NO PROSECUTION.....no responses....a 2nd ad with a $2500. CASH reward for info leading to the arrest and conviction of the parties responsible for the theft. Again, no responses...

I spoke with a good friend who helped me see that there was NOTHING in the trailer, including the trailer itself, that could not be replaced! In time, and with money, all that was taken could be re-purchased! A new trailer, even better than the first, could be built. Put it out of my mind she told me, and go forward!

And guess what?? I have!! Now I'm working, making really good money, and already planning the NEW RV!! Thought very briefly about buying this!!
But, don't have the $100k available!! But, just look at that interior!! WOW!! Then, I briefly looked at THIS!!
But, this would take a 1 ton pickup, and when you add the price of the truck AND the trailer together, I could have bought this instead, and had money left over...
But really, none of these are "STEALTHY" like the original trailer was, by design....so, am thinking seriously about something like THIS!!
These conversion vans are pretty nice, and I can pick this one up for under $10k!! Solar panels can be put on the roof, the center seats would be removed for a smaller dinette, and I could cruise the country and be perfectly comfortable! And it fits in with the minimalist lifestyle! Stealth can be obtained by heavy tint on the windows....

Of course, I could get lucky and hit the lottery, and buy THIS!!

But, what are the odds right?? Whatever I end up with next, have to be honest and say I'm leaning hard towards the used conversion van!! Plans are to keep working, keep building the travel fund/RV fund, and when I'm ready, I will make the purchase and HIT THE ROAD AGAIN!! It won't take to awful long, so stay tuned as I continue to explore my options!


  1. John I know you will get there sooner than you think and with a rig that is perfect for what you want to do!

    In the mean time you're still traveling, abet for work, and we'd love to follow some of those adventures too :)

  2. i have a 2001 Dodge van, its high mileage but I think it will be a great vehicle to travel in for extended trips..i wouldnt want to try to Live in it...But a few months out and it would be perfect...THERE are many good used travel Trailers out there...you wont have any problems finding what you want..So sorry to hear you lost it all!! That sux. Im still working too...but hope this is the last 2 yrs I have to!!!

  3. Go for it! Check out a nice used VW Rialta. That'd be perfect for you.


  4. Wow... sorry to hear about your trailer :( I sure hope you can find whoever took it and bring them to justice. I mean it shouldn't be too hard to find if it's still local. Maybe they trashed or abandoned the trailer and just sold the contents? Most people wouldn't notice a trailer with an extra 6" but maybe you could contact several companys that use trailers like landscape companys who would immediately notice a taller trailer and offer them the reward if found?

  5. John - good to hear from you in blog land again. You posted better pics that I did from attending an RV show! LOL. I have got to get better with my camera. I still don't know what to say to you about your loss. I am so sorry. I'm glad you're not giving up.

  6. OMG John

    If you ever catch that F.....ing BASTARD !! You call me and we will cook him down in my 20 gallon stew pot, I will enjoy sucking the marrow from his bones. Jeffery Dahmer and a freezer or a prison cell would be way to good for this dirtbag. Stealing a mans castle deserves a fait much much worse then death.


  7. John we will feed that dirty scum bag one last hugh meal and then we will chain him naked into a cast iron tub filled with honey and milk. As he relieves himself, the honey the milk and his excrement will attract millions of flies, They will lay billions of eggs into his living flesh. He will die the death that he deserves. Then we will send the video of his last 10 days of agonizing death to his family & friends.

  8. Oh John, that sucks big time. Well my belief karma will catch up the DRB sooner or later. Not very satisfying right now, but you know what they say about revenge. Take care!

  9. Sorry to hear of your loss. You had so much money and effort into that stealth trailer. I think you are wise to consider keeping the next rig relatively small. A Class B or B+ would be ideal if you can find one at a decent price. If you're thinking of a conversion van, then it probably needs to be a 3/4 ton, as less would not haul what you are likely to need. Good luck!

  10. Thieves are so low. I also believe whatever they've done, it comes back on them in multiples.

    I'm sorry for the loss and hope maybe at least it can offset taxes or something. I'm glad you have all your experience from the first mobile abode to put into planning the next one. Take care.

    brenda from ar