Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rats!! No tv signal....

I goofed and in my rush to get the new rebuild done before the weather got real hot, failed to get an antenna installed on the STEALTH trailer for the tv!! DOH!! Solved the problem though with a quick visit to Ebay.....
I had one of these before on a Coachmen truck camper, and it worked great! Its a Winegard brand, and when you are rolling down the road the antenna slides down into the tube and no one even gives it a 2nd has a cap on it to keep the rain out. When you get ready to watch tv, you pop the cap, push it up from the bottom and you're all set! You have to manually rotate it to get stronger signal but it works really well! Thinking of mounting it on the right front corner and just run the coax thru the hole in the floor where the power cable goes thru....the fewer holes I drill in the trailer the better! This little hideaway antenna only cost $30 and will be money well spent!


  1. In the mean time it has a built in dvd so at least you don't have to start at a blank screen :)

  2. Ack! that should be "stare" at a blank screen :)

  3. What a great idea! Who knew there were stealth antennas?!? LOL. I gave up TV last year - will be interesting to see if I ever have another. DVD, now that's another story. :)

  4. Since I watch very little TV, one of these antennas might be in my future instead of Direct TV. How well do these little antennas pull in a signal in the middle of nowhere?

    1. Well, I haven't been in the middle of nowhere with it yet, so can't really say!! When I had the one on my truck camper, as I recall it worked pretty good....