Sunday, May 13, 2012

Signal and shade..........

Hello campers!! Yes, it has been a week since I posted anything, but in my hiatus from actually working I have just been relaxing and chilling here in the midwest. Yesterday though was a different story here at the STEALTH camper base camp!! I am happy to report that I got my new Winegard Hideaway tv antenna installed, and its working perfectly!! Pulling in strong digital signal from 6 different tv broadcast stations!! I even got to watch the NASCAR race in Darlington last night!
And if that little install wasn't enough, my friend Mike who is very handy with tools,stopped by and said he had heard about my plight with the awning I had bought, and after assessing the situation promptly suggested I mount it on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the STEALTH camper!! You see, if it was mounted on the entry side, the door would open, but it would damage the awning!! This awning comes out at an angle.....and yes, I know there is a little wheel you can buy and mount to the top of the door that pushes the awning fabric out of the way when opening and closing the door, but there was simply not enough room above the door to mount the awning to. So, we went to the other side.....and here is the completed job!!
I thought the finished job was AWESOME!! We went to the local lumberyard and bought a 2" x 6" board 10' long, 4 carriage bolts each 6" long, washers and nuts, mounted the 2" x 6" to the inside of the camper wall, and double nut the bolts! Whole process took less than an hour, and it cranks in and out in less than a minute! And the shade will be greatly appreciated as summer approaches! I had been looking at an awning for the original STEALTH camper when out in Arizona, but a vandweller that I knew there told me she thought it was a stupid idea....of course, this same woman thinks that going to a local free pancake breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY and snarfing down FREE food is a "handout", yet she went EVERY SINGLE DAY for something like 3 months....there are some real nuts out there folks, and they are not all in the trees! But I antenna is up and working great!! My awning is up and securely installed, and I think it looks GREAT!! Not sure what the next project will be for the STEALTH camper.......but I saw an interesting trailer roll by me on the road a few days ago, that had a mural painted on the back doors of a train winding its way down a mountain was airbrushed I think....which got me to thinking yesterday after we got the awning up..what if I found an airbrush artist to paint a beach scene on the awning side of the STEALTH camper?? You know, sand and the ocean with a soft blue sky background and a few puffy white clouds....then, when parked and setting out under the awning in camp chairs and enjoying the shade with an ice cold Coors Light...why, the backdrop of the beach mural would make you think you were actually there!! Hmmmmmmm.....possibilities abound!! Hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. STEALTH camper base camp. Ha! Love it :D

    Awning looks great and glad you have a TV signal now. One thing I miss about no TV is no Nascar :(

    Hmmm.... a mural. Interesting idea and I'm sure after musing a bit you'll come up with the perfect scene. Can't wait to see it!

  2. How did I miss this post? I have been logging on every day since your last post, or so I thought, and I'm just now seeing this. Way too weird!!

    Like Maria, I love the "stealth camper base camp" title. That is perfect! :)

    Congrats on the antenna AND the awning. I had been wondering what the awning looks like extended. Super duper!

    And I still think that if you get an airbrush artist to paint a scene on the awning side, you should go ahead and have them paint a window on the door side. I think that would be just frickin' hilarious! HugZ!