Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nothing new............

This will be short, sweet and to the point: I have nothing to share with you thats new! Life rolls on, working thru the week on the road on the Lowes projects thru mid November, home now nearly every weekend in the STEALTH camper, got the new Suburban and it runs lucky and sold the old Ford pickup for $1700. and the TRAVEL FUND just keeps growing!! *************************************************************************************** Thinking about taking off and doing some travelling in December....maybe down to Florida for a few weeks, or maybe down to Texas.....wherever I end up, will need to be back in Illinois mid January to return to work for this company. If they call me back to work that is!! Have been working as an IC, so they are under no obligation to call me out. If they don't, then will look hard at picking up and heading out to Grand Canyon come spring to workamp! *************************************************************************************** Want to see a video interview I did on Solo RVing/Workamping? Go to and check out their Rambling Nomads video interview is at the top right friends Pat and Cindy from the Low Key Hideaway in Cedar Key, FL are in there as well......along with many more. *************************************************************************************** Well, thats about it! Just not much going on.....everyone take care!


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    1. You bet! Have gotten great feedback on it, although it was pretty sudden. Those people are really cool!

  2. The interview was great. So nice to put the sound of your voice with the rest of your story.

    brenda from ar

  3. TEXAS! TEXAS! TEXAS! Oh, did I mention.... TEXAS! LOL.

    LOVE the interview. Great job! Not much going on? I beg to differ. ;)