Sunday, September 16, 2012

On the fence!!

My friend Maria recently posted an entry to her blog about being "on the pot", so my post today is titled "on the fence" so as not to confuse, bewilder or befuddle any of our good readers! Also, I can't be accused of plagiarism....not sure of that spelling, but you get the idea! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been pretty much setting in one location since late January, since I took a job to add funds to the travel fund, before hitting the open road once again. But, how much in the travel fund is enough? $5k?? $10k??? $15k???? Past experience tells me I can live quite comfortably for a good period of time on $5k, camped out on BLM lands out west. I already have been stocking up on foods in bulk via but how much of that do I really need? I don't really eat that much, but I literally have enough Honey Nut Cheerios and raisins and peanut butter and jellies and Honey Grahams and dehydrated soups to last a looooooong time while setting still in the desert!! Not to mention all the free coffee packs and instant oatmeal packs I've been picking up in the hotels!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One thing that is keeping me stuck in the mud is my 91 year old mom who has recently been having health issues. I would not want to get 1500 miles away and get a phone call telling me I need to get back home, only to have something happen before I got there......she would (has) tell me to follow my dream and not hold back because of her, but I can't bring myself to hook up the STEALTH trailer and go. Another thing keeping me on the fence is weather!! I love fall, and it is right around the corner!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forgot to post pics of the new tow vehicle I recently acquired. Here she is:
And heres the cab area.....heated leather seats!! Can't wait to try them out!!
She has an 8 cyl. Vortec engine/4WD/All power/tilt/cruise/6 disc CD/and the back area without the 3rd row seat and the 2nd seat folded flat opens up to a big, flat, carpeted area that is huge!! I might even convert it to sleep in and take it out west or down south! I could put Reflectix over the windows past the front seat, rig up a curtain/wall behind the front seat, an inch or 2 of padded foam on the floor and a good thermal sleeping bag and be quite comfy!! Take along my LP fired heater and 2 burner stove and small tv/dvd player and be all set!! Something to think about..... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Here's another reason. You can't hop off the fence until I get out there to see your super cool stealth trailer!

    TeeHee... of course that can be arranged any time so don't hold up on my account :)

    But really (and despite what I said the other day about this), if you're feeling like you should stick around then do. For a little while. Being there for your mom is certainly a great reason to stay on the fence.

    I know you'll know when it's time to get moving again and then you'll just mosey on down the road.

  2. PS I actually wrote something about being on the fence once :) But hey feel free to borrow anything you want!

  3. Newer cars have too much stuff. I usually like keeping it simple, but I have to tell you - heated seats are the bomb.

    brenda from ar