Sunday, October 7, 2012

Is it Thanksgiving yet?????

Only the end of the 1st week of October!!????!! I am SO ready to hitch up the trailer and hit the road!! Getting tired of working already!! Been on the road in Indiana working back in Ace Hardware again, doing the light bulb changeovers mandated by Congress......real pain in the you know what!! And we STILL have another 6 weeks to go!! Supposed to be finished 11/19, and I hope to be hitched up and headed south the day after Thanksgiving. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This company always takes off about 2 months after Thanksgiving, starting back up in mid to late January, and working non stop thru mid May. I have been told I'm being called back next year, which is good, so am looking forward to 6 weeks of doing nothing while setting in Florida sipping ice cold Coors Lite! The Travel Fund is ready....the STEALTH camper is 95% ready!! The Suburban is ready.....I am past ready!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My solar charge controller bit the dust a few weeks ago, and have already received a new replacement from Blue Sky.......the entire system has to be re-wired, and I am taking it to a pro in Gainesville, FL to do it for me. Have been stocking up on 1 pound LP cylinders for heating and my Coleman cookstove, so that when I'm boondocking I'll still be able to have heat when I need it and be able to make coffee and do a little cooking to boot! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since coming back to Illinois this past January, the STEALTH camper has sat still in one fixed location longer than I intended.......but the money is so good with this company!! And while I'm working all the hotels are paid for! But thats starting to get old.....stayed out on the road this past weekend, and expect to be out until 10/19 before getting home. Then will be out until 11/19!! Not being handy, or mechanically inclined, I wonder if I need to have the bearings greased on the STEALTH camper wheels?? Anyone know? Is it something I can do myself? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. If camper wheels are like boat trailer wheels then it's not too hard to grease them yourself, and I'd grease them just in case. But a competent garage could probably do it for next to nothing so why get your hands greasy if you don't have to.

    Oh and you're in luck! Thanksgiving happens to be tomorrow..... in Canada that is :p Good enough excuse to head south early?

  2. FYI, you might consider one of these.