Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend escape..................

I managed to escape to home this past Thursday, due to a cancellation. This will be the last weekend home until the week of Thanksgiving, so I decided to make the most of it! Rolled into town and hooked up the STEALTH camper, and pulled it about 4 miles southwest of town to a the local state park, Found me a nice, secluded campsite and set up camp.....Here are the views outside my spot.....ENJOY!!
I think the leaves are just past their peak of color, but still pretty darn nice! Took the above 3 Friday afternoon, but here is the view this morning just after sunrise...
The strange thing is, I'm all alone here....not another camper in sight!! Not even a tent camper to enjoy the beauty or share a cup of coffee with!! Oh well...I'm enjoying it anyway. Will stay until Sunday morning, then pull the trailer back to its semi permanent spot and hit the work trail again...just over 3 more weeks and then Florida bound for a couple months, maybe longer.....


  1. No one in sight? Views like that to yourself? My definition of heaven! Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your travel posts en route to FL.

  2. GREAT shots BlackSheep! So peaceful looking!

  3. Did you decide to take the trailer or stay in the Burb? If you need a secure place to park the trailer I'd be willing to keep it behind my house 20 min east of St Louis. Just wanted to make the offer after reading what happened to your last trailer.

    1. Thats awfully kind of you, but the trailer is going with me.....I'm having an electrician who specializes in solar and wind turbine installs do some work on it while I am there.