Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winding down.............

Work is winding down.....another week here in northern Indiana, and then homeward bound, back to the STEALTH camper and my own bed!! A couple weeks at home getting things wrapped up and then----hook up the STEALTH camper to the Suburban and head south!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Destination----Cedar Key, Florida!! For the uneducated Cedar Key is about an hours drive or so southwest of Gainesville on SR sits about 2 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico......connected by causeways.....heres an aerial shot---
I'm taking the STEALTH camper along to have some work done on my solar power/wind turbine setup by a professional electrician who specializes in this type of setup...being from the midwest, I just can't seem to find a solar/wind installer who understands WHAT I want him to do!! Heres a pic of the typical setup and the wiring diagram---
But the so called "master electricians" who have looked at my setup just don't seem to get it!!! So....since my bud Pat at the Low Key Hideaway is having a wind turbine/solar setup installed at his tiki bar, I'm going to have the guy do my trailer install! Have already talked with him and told him what I want and he assures me its a 1 day job, and he can do it and guarantee my complete satisfaction! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will be staying at the Low Key Hideaway for a week or 2, then I'm going to go do some serious boondocking and try out my new solar/wind setup! Heres a little taste of the scenery around the LKH...Enjoy!
And.......this is what Cedar Key is famous for!!
There will be lots of pics coming to my blog in December, so stick around!!


  1. This is great news - the electrician, the road trip and more blogging. Fantastic! Super pictures. Be safe getting there - no doubt you'll have fun. :)

  2. Sounds like a plan.

    In your schematic the only room for improvement I see is to "balance" charge and draw equally from both batteries. Wired the way you show the left is upstream from the right in both charge and draw. To "balance" connect both red(+) to one battery and both black(-) to the other battery. Maybe this helps.

    Rock on!

    1. Bob, thats interesting, but the batts are wired in parallel now.....that schematic is strictly for illustrative purposes....the "master" electricians in Illinois were stumped by the charge controller and the BlueSky monitor...

    2. Don't get me wrong. Your schematic works. I'm puzzled why an electrician would be stumped. It's pretty basic. (shrug)

      Balancing is more advanced in that fewer people understand. If you're interested this site explains.

      It's your money. I just thought you might appreciate the tip.

    3. Bob, I hope I didn't offend you. I do appreciate the tip! Especially when it comes to solar...and wind power. Thanks, I'll check out the site.

    4. No I wasn't offended. I hope you weren't ruffled either.

      Looking forward to your field work. I can tell yo got the itch to hitch. ;)

    5. No, we're cool........definitely got the hitch itch. Been setting still to long!