Monday, April 8, 2013

The beauty of the Badlands

Took off at daylight this morning to go and explore the Badlands.....a short drive from Custer and it started out real nice and not to chilly. It seemed I had the countryside all to myself, until I rounded a curve and found this character...... He was grazing along the edge of the road, and seemed oblivious to my prescence for at least 15 minutes. The buffalo by the way have the right of way here, and do not like it when you honk your horn or holler at them! I didn't do either by the way!! He finally looked my way, snorted, and ambled into the grass, stopping only to give me "the look" as I snapped his picture. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few miles farther along, and I saw some people stopped and out taking pictures and pointing....pointing at what I didn't know until I in the distance, there were at least a dozen horses, apparently wild and free, grazing......I had to zoom the full 30x to get this, but it was worth it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sun was now out nice and bright, but still very few people here.....still early in the season. I continued my drive, enjoying the scenery, looking for that one shot that would sum up my visit..... Pretty cool huh?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On my way back to Custer this afternoon, I got off US16 and onto SR244, which is the main drive by Mt. Rushmore. Again, virtually no other cars out here but mine, so waited until I had just the right spot for the perfect shot.... And then just another mile along got this one, much closer, but still had the zoom on full power..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And that pretty well wrapped up my is to change drastically tonight into Tuesday, with up to 15" of new snow and dangerous bitter cold winds! May hibernate the next few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Beautiful country.

    brenda from ar