Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cooler weather is here..............winter is coming!

I am having trouble getting posts up on the blog....not sure why, but just about ready to say the heck with it! Cooler weather has arrived here in central Illinois, the leaves are turning and the rains are more frequent the last few weeks......sure signs of whats coming---yup, old man winter is right around the corner! Forecasters say its going to be as bad as if not worse than last year...yuck! Last year was terrible, lots and lots of snow.....weeks upon weeks of bitter cold.....I dread whats coming. But I can't leave...I just can't leave mom here to more or less fend for herself! This is the one time I need to stay and help her, now that she is virtually alone. If I left, she would end up in a nursing home, and I shudder to think what that would do to her!! No...I must stay! My opportunity to hit the road will come soon enough.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have made very little progress on the van the last excuse other than just have not done any work on it. Lets see if this post will actually publish......

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