Saturday, October 11, 2014

Solar upgrade

On the STEALTH trailer, I have 280 watts of solar and it has served me well nearly 4 years now. I have them wired into a really good MPPT charge controller, pumping free power into 2 Lifeline AGM 220 amp hours each 6 volt batteries, tied together for 1 big 12 volt battery. But for the van, I am going to experiment with a new 136 watt roll up flexible panel. It is 18 feet long and about 6 inches wide, and will connect it with 4 gauge wire to just 1 Optima yellow top AGM battery running the wire 1st thru another really good MPPT charge controller. This new flex panel CAN be glued to the van roof, but I'm not going to.....I want it to be truly portable, and if I want to park the van in the shade but use the panel to charge the battery, I can just roll it out in the sun.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have decided not to put a wind turbine on the van, even though there is a new VAWT out now that is only 18" high, that I could mount maybe 2 of them to the roof of the van, but have decided against it, at least for now. I really think the 136 watt flex solar panel will supply me enough power. I'm not going to put a fridge in the van, and there will be no water pump in it either. Just don't think I will need that much power! These guys putting 800 or 1000 watts of solar panels on a van roof are just goofy in my opinion.......but if that's your thing and you have the money, go nuts!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The weather here in central Illinois has been really "fall like" the past week.....cooling down overnight to the 50s, and warming to the 70s by late afternoon. The trees are starting to turn as well......winter will unfortunately be here before we know it. Predictions are its going to be as bad as and maybe worse than last year!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Short post today..............


  1. Yes I am Squire, and so good to see you are as well! Trust all is well with you...take care of yourselves!