Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Trailer?? Maybe.....

Well, still no word from police on my stolen trailer, no responses to my reward notices in the papers, no info from any pawn shops within 200 mile radius about things like solar panels/wind turbine/inverters being was suggested to me that perhaps the utility company confiscated the trailer because it was chained to their pole---nope, I checked!Man, I MISS my trailer.......... serious thought to ordering ANOTHER to replace it! Something like this---------

But, this one will be a bit different!! And quite a bit less expensive to boot!! For starters, it won't be pre-wired for 30amp electric service...and it won't be built with a 13k BTU roof air unit...nor will it have 6" extra interior may have an extra roof vent for more daylight penetration, as well as front/rear flo-thru vents for improved ventilation, but thats it!

It will have tiltable solar panels on the roof, and it will have a new air actuated turbine mast mounted on the tongue, and it will have 2 new AGM Lifeline batteries plus a new 2000 watt inverter. And this time, on the very same day I pick it up from Xtra-Tuff Trailers factory in Eastman, GA. it WILL get the floor sanded and stained!! A mistake I made with the 1st, I never got that accomplished!! Makes the floor a lot easier to clean!!

It will also have a Yamaha 2000 watt portable generator for charging/topping off the batteries on those days when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing!! AND, this one is going to have mounted on the tongue, (2) 30 lb. LP tanks, with the line coming in thru the floor at the nose to be connected to an LP cookstove, with a pigtail for a new 9000 btu Mr. Buddy heater with blower!

Stay tuned as I move forward with this.....


  1. Sounds good i will stay tuned.

  2. But change from the van you were talking about last week. But sounds cool!

    I'd still want some windows for light though :)

    1. Windows defeat the STEALTH approach.....a windowless cargo trailer in a Lowes at 3am makes police think its just a no windows!! Sorry......

  3. Sounds like a plan Stan, er, I mean John. ;)

  4. You learned a lot from your last trailer. Now you know what you NEED and what you can live without.

    Standing up is nice but honestly, how oftne are you standing around inside the trailer?

    You'll get it right this time. Don't forget the insurance!


    1. Good point Don....besides, the base trailers interior height is 72" far as that goes, could do without the solar/wind, if I put a genset in it!! I'm exploring options.....

  5. That's a bummer broheim, you shall rise from the ashes :-) Hope to meet up with you on the road one day.alifemadesimple. Dear Lord,

    Give me a few friends
    who will love me for what I am,
    and keep ever burning
    before my vagrant steps
    the kindly light of hope...
    And though I come not within sight
    of the castle of my dreams,
    teach me to be thankful for life,
    and for time's olden memories
    that are good and sweet.
    And may the evening's twilight
    find me gentle still.

  6. I hope you won't be kicking

    ass with your new project ? He will be soooooo bummed out !