Friday, March 30, 2012

The lost is found.......

A phone call at 3am is never a good thing, as was the case yesterday. I am on the road in LaPorte, IN still doing the Ace Hardware gig, sleeping soundly when my cell rings harshly, waking me from a really nice dream.....seems the local county sheriffs department in Lutz, FL has recovered my stolen trailer, or whats left of it anyway!!

Seems a local scrap buyer bought a tongue and part of a frame from a trailer of some sort, and there was a VIN etched onto the underside of one piece.....a little research in the DMV database, which thanks to modern technology goes to all 50 states DMVs, and my name popped up....I won't bore you with how they tracked it back to me, you can figure that out yourselves, but will just say that once you file a police report for a stolen vehicle, all your info is in the computers for a very long time...Florida authorities called Illinois authorities who told them -- yup, its stolen....heres the number of the owner, give him a call.....hence my 3am wake up call!

From what I have gathered, there was nothing much left of the trailer, and no contents were found. The thing was apparently cut into pieces and sold as scrap, likely for some yoyos daily meth fix! The seller presented obviously phony I.D. as they could not reach him at the phone number he provided.....and the address he listed was a local Publix grocery store... better off than before, but at least I know where it ended up! Florida authorities tell me they are pursuing the seller, and will find out where he came by the parts, which will lead them to the thief, but I mean really---why do I care now?? They cut it up and sold it as scrap!! I'm moving on guys, let it go......but I sure do miss that trailer!!


  1. See... you went home and your trailer kept traveling without you!

    At least you know where parts of it ended up huh? Still too bad about it but nice to have some kind of closure.

  2. Appreciate the update,better times ahead.

  3. "let it go", for me is much easier said than done....something I have to work on.

  4. Now you can buy Randy's trailer, you can see how on his blog he is crying fake alligator tears. Just like I told you , he is all 100% pure bullshit !! All hat and no cattle. Pretending he cares about his junky trailer is all FAKE !!

    1. Mike Mike Mike.......I never know what you are going to say!! Not buying that trailer...5 years old and tires likely shot!! I can buy a brand new one for $2k, and outfit it the way I want!

  5. Well at least you sort of found it?!

    Up here in NY, the theft has gotten so bad that you have to show a state ID when you cash in metals at the local scrap yards. We had one idiot taking city owned manhole covers and selling them to a scrapyard to get money!

    I would ask that the person who has the stolen trailer parts pay to ship them back to you. At least you'll have them to do with what you want.

    And Mike, I agree with your assessment of Randy. That guy is a total douche and anyone who hangs out with him must therefore be suspect of "douchiness".