Monday, March 12, 2012

A ramble.......

Well, the title says it all---just a ramble! Nothing special to talk about........still no word on the missing trailer!! Nothing showing up at any pawn shop within 200 miles....every weekend I go home is costing me $100. minimum....if I had the trailer, I wouldn't hardly be spending anywhere near that!

Remember back in August when I blew the water pump in my pickup in New Mexico? Seems I did more damage than I I have what seems to be a scored cylinder!! Oh, the truck still runs, but it seems to have these spells where it coughs and jerks and shakes real bad!! Give it a little kick and it comes out of it on cruise control and I don't notice it near as much. Let it warm up 15 minutes, and it runs smooth as silk 95% of the time. But, I know its days are, found a nice used but very well cared for Ranger Splash this past weekend from a friend back home, and shelled out $2000. to make it mine! And, it WILL pull a small trailer no problem! Here she is...

Still working in Ace Hardware stores doing resets and remodels...was in Ohio last couple weeks, now in Illinois in the Springfield area. Still have 3 weeks left on this contract, then a week or so off....and then a new contract starts for 3 months, still in Ace, mostly in Ohio and Kentucky.

Looking at new trailers is wearing me out.....but its a pretty sure bet that I'm going with a 6 x 12 flat front---$2000. from the factory in Georgia. Those guys at Xtra-Tuff Trailers in Eastman, GA build a good solid trailer, with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty!The one I had pulled so smooth, most times I wouldn't even know it was back there!

On a more personal note, I have a hunch that I've caught the eye of a very sweet woman who works at a local C-store I frequent back home!! I mean, SHE sent ME flowers this past weekend!!!!! Apparently the world has changed since I was dating 40 years ago...??? I thought it was the guys job to send the flowers......anyway, guess I'll just have to play it by ear, and see where it goes.....

Guess thats it for now.....hope everyone has a great week!


  1. kool truck i always had very good luck with Ranger wish i had one today. Job sound's fun.might need a bigger trailer if thing;s go good with the new Lady friend, may God bless you. I enjoy reading your blog,might just start one myself some day.

    1. I had a 96 Ranger reg cab XLT w/5 speed, put 186k miles on it before trading it off....a buddy bought it in 04 and is STILL going strong!! Now has 237k miles and he drives it every single day!! To bad Ford is killing it this year....thanks for the kind words...guess I will have to ask this lady if she likes camping huh??

    2. @ Joe - Blog. Now. Please. We're waiting. ;)

    3. John, I love the truck! Ford is killing Ranger? Really? I hadn't heard. That's a shame.

      Good luck with the sweet lady. Good for you! BTW, another thing that has changed since you last dated.... background searches via the internet. An extensive search costs as little as $8. Highly recommended. Nope, not kidding. Just another form of insurance my friend. ;)

      Love and hugZ,

  2. Cool on the new truck.... had one of those way back when and loved it. Even ran great after I landed it in the river once!

    And awesome on the lady. You're such a sweet guy and you deserve a great woman. Maybe she had to send you flowers because you were a little too thick to pick up on her hints. Guys can be that way sometimes, ya know.

  3. Your job sounds pretty fun, and the new truck looks great. And then there's the possibility of romance. Hmmm. Good luck on all fronts.

    best to you,
    brenda from ar

    1. You the man, blacksheep ;-) Teresa brought me tomatoes and now we have been married 11 years and 7 months :-) Derek . Peace out broheim.