Sunday, April 22, 2012

My funny TROLL

OK everybody, I am going to have some real fun here!! I want everyone to meet my funny little blog Troll!! His name is Mike...
Isn't he about the silliest thing you've ever seen!! He flashes his blather on my blog, but I just delete his nonsense so you good readers don't have to see it....why you ask?? Well, because I can!! He likes to put down my simple life, tries to shame me into feeling guilty for being able to travel and camp out on BLM land, trying to make me feel like a bum. He has no idea that I have money galore, setting in CDs with Charles Schwab and Bank of America. That I don't choose to spend it is my choice, I don't need it! And because Mike the troll can't get published on MY blog, he is now attacking me on Glenns but Glenn is on to his antics as well, and just deletes him! Randy the Mobile Codger is onto Mike the flashing troll as well, but Randy lets his posts stay up for the most part, because Randy finds amusement in trolls like Mike!! Mike the goofy troll does not like Randy either... Mike the silly troll chastised me recently for buying a genset and battery charger from Harbor Freight, saying I was supporting the Chinese, rather than buying American made you all a dollar Mike the ignorant troll drives a Toyota or Nissan!! Mike thinks because I am doing work in Ace Hardware stores that I should buy from them......I don't work FOR Ace, just in the stores! Unfortunately, Mike the arrogant troll will post ANONYMOUSLY 99.9999% of the time....why?? What is he hiding?? I tried to pin him down on this once, and in true stupid troll style he said he was advised to stay thinks that was just more troll nonsense!! I truly hope that my silly troll Mike stays around and keeps posting to my blog, as I will just keep deleting his flashing, because he truly has nothing to say of interest....but I do find him amusing.....


  1. How cool is that!! Someone to give your delete finger a little exercise L.M.F.A.O.

  2. Well - at least you can laugh about it BlackSheep! Sheesh - I wish all these anonymous guys would take a really longggg hike!

  3. Perhaps we could lure them all to Canada, put them on a raft, and let them float away on the Thomson River!!!!!!!