Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shell Mound State Park

Just outside of Cedar Key, FL is an area known as Indian Shell Mound. Thousands of years ago, Indians inhabited the area, and generation after generation they raised their children, buried their dead, and lived peaceful lives, on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico.
Their sources of food included abundant wildlife, as well as even more abundant seafood! For decades, they tossed the bones and the shells not far from the waters edge, and the result were mounds reaching heights of 28 feet, stretching far along their camp boundary....the mounds served multiple purposes, including a windbreak as well as a means of protection from other Indians attacking them.
The entire area is now a state park and an archaeological site, and has multiple boat launches, a small campground with full hookup sites, as well as a walking trail to the mounds area itself.
The Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge surrounds the area, and development will likely never happen. Rich in history, but other than that just not much to see or do here.....but the views are spectacular!


  1. Pretty neat - we would have liked it there. Good to see you still kicking around Cedar Key!

  2. No new posts since December 11. What's up? Are you okay?

    1. Kind of taking a break....the spammers replying to posts touting their own website is tiring, plus am in Arizona enjoying the desert! Heading back to Illinois next Wednesday.....