Monday, April 2, 2012

A nice surprise!!

A few weeks ago I had blogged that my old Ford pickup was severely damaged when I blew the water pump out in Albuquerque last August, scoring a was bucking and snorting and had poor acceleration, and was just a miserable ride! I had went so far as to begin looking for another vehicle, and had found a nice little Ford Ranger in really great shape, for a decent price.

But this past Friday, while in Joliet, IL doing a reset, I was setting in the truck at a Bob Evans with the engine idling, when a guy walked by and came over and started talking to me.......turns out he was a Ford mechanic at a nearby dealership, and told me he had heard the miss in my engine. I told him about my problem with the water pump. and he asked me to pop the hood and he would give it a looksy-----no charge!

Well, 15 minutes later, he tells me all I need is a tune up, a new rotor cap, and an idler bearing/pulley...$200. and 2 hours shop labor and he said it would be good as new, and likely last another 100k miles!! I asked him if he could do it that afternoon, and he said absolutely!

So, I followed him to the dealership and dropped the truck off, and he took me back to the Ace where I was working. True to his word, he called my cell at 3pm, and said it was all done, good as new! I got done at Ace, walked to the dealership, and he came out to the showroom and told me I was all bill was $279.22 and it runs like it did when it was brand new!!! I mean, it runs smooth as silk!! I just can't believe my good luck sometimes!!


  1. L.M.A.O.!! Your luck sounds like mine when it's good it's real good and when it ain't...let's not go there!

  2. I'm so happy for you John! Woohoo! Congrats! :)

  3. YAY! for you. Good to hear.

    brenda from ar

  4. Wonderful and helpful people everywhere. So glad your truck is purring like a kitten and I hope the two of you have many adventures together :)

  5. Maybe your MPG improves as a bonus? Hopefully... :)