Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Looking for some wind!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas came early for me!! My new 550 watt Air-X 12 volt wind turbine arrived yesterday afternoon, and its a real beauty!!! Very lightweight poly carb body with graphite wings, shiny white and all hooked up to my custom built air actuated telescoping mast that puts it up 15' in the air. Tied in direct to a new AGM Lifeline battery with 225 amp hours of storage.....only problem is---theres no wind today at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, why would nature cooperate with me!!

Oh well, its ready when the winds return, and it looks great up on the mast!! Got pics, but as usual can't get tem from my desktop to the blog, very poor signal, and they drag and drag until the program just gives up!! Such is life.....

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