Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On the road!!! Again!!

So, after my last post, and a day to think about things and reaching out to a friend in Quartzsite, I hooked up the trailer and jumped on I-10 and headed west!! Have stopped for the night just off exit 322 at an obviously old tourist trap called THE THING? It costs a buck to see THE THING? but not being interested in that stuff I grabbed a cup of coffee, got permission to overnight in their lot, and am posting this from the cab of my truck with a full wi-fi signal!! Sweet!!

And amazingly, I feel GREAT!! No anxiety since I left this afternoon!! There was just to much drama in that place I was workamping, he said/she said crap...I don't need that in my life at this point!!

Got enough cash to last 3 or 4 months, provided I camp on BLM lands. And my contact in Q-zite says she can point me in the direction for added income while there!!

So good readers, yours truly is on the road again! Don't know if I will have signal tomorrow or not, but will post when I do.


  1. That's great! I expect to be in Quartzite a week before xmas. Maybe I'll see ya there?! You get anxiety about travelling or is it the leaving part or is it something else? I'm getting a bit anxious about my trip. I haven't been away from home for any length of time in 15 years. There's always the worry of the unknown. I think if I get the good sam ERS (emergency roadside service) plan, I'll feel more at ease. Right now, we do not have a ERS plan for the RV. Do you have and recommend and ERS plan?

  2. 'Well I'm so tired of cryin' but I'm out on the road again, I'm on the road again'....' Canned Heat

    Sorry John but I couldn't resist!

    Now that tune is going around and around in my head! 'I'm on the road again' Hey I love it, keep posting!

  3. Don, I have Triple A.........Kyra, always good to hear from you!

  4. @John - Oh my. Yes, life is too short to finally be on the road and then get caught in drama like that. Good for you!

    @Kyra - Probably an age gap for you and I because now you have stuck in my head "on the road again" by Willie Nelson. LOL.

    @Don - good for you for getting out there! Am trying not to be jealous. Spending Christmas at the RV Show in Quartzite... that is living. You've got this. Enjoy! Happy, safe travels!

  5. Folks, don't spend the $ to see "The Thing" but if you like folkesy things and antiques... it's worth the buck. I'm giving it away - The Thing is only a fake mummy, very poorly built! I have a degree in Anthopology and Archaeology and I know what mummies look like. This fake has a baby fake. Trust me, it's a fake, but they never tell you what it is or where it was found. It's at the end of a long maze of halls... and the stuff you see to get to the end if far more interesting.

  6. sorry you didn't enjoy " The Thing" I thought it was all kinda interesting stuff. Seeing all the billbords along the way just had tostop and check it out. that was 15 or so years ago sono telling what it is like now. And it looked like an old tourist trap then LOL!