Sunday, November 27, 2011

The other side of the mountain.....Part 2

So, if you go back to my post of 11/23, you'll see the monster solar panels I found on the other side of the mountain. After talking with some locals out here, which by the way there are not that many of, one of them told me I needed to walk another half mile on the other side of the hill and see what else was there......

Knowing it was a 5 1/2 mile walk, I tried to get the guy to tell me what else was there, but no luck, however he did offer me the use of his 4WD atv to go check it out!! So, I grabbed my camera and hopped on and took off. I passed the solar farm, and sure enough after about half a mile going upthe hill I crested and there it was-----

Wind turbines!!! Dozens and dozens of them!! Monsters turning in the winds between the mountains!! The way they were laid out it was hard to count them all, but I got to 112 before I lost track!! Obviously, alternative energy production technology is alive and well in New Mexico!!


  1. I saw these same type of wind turbines last summer in northern Indiana, off of I-65 and in larger numbers on Highway 231 north of Lafayette, Indiana. there were so many of them I couldn't count them fast enough as I drove.

  2. Pretty cool stuff... isn't that how you power your own home? Wonder if they had a convenient plug in for you :)

  3. Wind and solar on my rolling home!! Total of 630 watts.....