Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey frying!!!!!!!

Here where I am workamping, the company gave us all turkeys for Thanksgiving! A fellow workamper parked next to me in a 42' Mountain Aire motorhome has one of those oil fryers that is fired by propane. He and I were up at 6am drinking coffee together and getting the setup ready, and at 7am we started in with the first bird!

At a temp of 350 degrees, and an average weight of 14 pounds, we left each bird in for right at 4 minutes per pound=cooking time of 56 minutes, then gave each bird 4 minutes extra for good measure! Heres te 1st one after cooking being pulled out!

Doesn't that look good??????? It was great!! We injected each one with herb/butter seasoning on Tuesday morning after they had thawed out, and they were DEEEEEEEEEEEEE---LICIOUS!!


  1. What a beautiful bird! I love turkey done this way - it really can't be beat.

    How many did you cook all together?

  2. Hey Maria! We cooked 5 turkeys and 2 game hens total! It was a blast, and the turkey was great!!

  3. Hello. Swung by here from Glenn's to check out your set up. I like it. It might not be what would work for me, but it's very cool, especially your power and the stealth factor. Best to you.

    brenda from arkansas

  4. Thanks for stopping by Brenda! No doubt that my windowless unit is not for everyone, but I am a very private person and I truly enjoy the ability to stealth camp! Have a wonderful weekend! John