Sunday, November 20, 2011

A new follower!!

So, this past week, on another blog I follow regularly, there was a reply to a post from a gal that I ended up emailing and she is now following my blog, and I am following hers as well, plus emailing each other.She has a goal to get her own RV and hit the open road while having a mobile income doing writing and photography and speaking engagements.

The great thing is that she is doing her research and planning the steps and isn't likely to risk everything by jumping into the lifestyle unprepared! I applaud her for that, and I know someday she WILL be out here with the rest of us who are making this lifestyle work for us, despite the fact that most people just don't understand why we do what we choose to do, and the way we choose to do it! Sad thing is, those people will never get it!


  1. Hi John, thanks for the vote of confidence! I go back to my old Harley t-shirt, "If I have to explain it, you won't get it." Isn't that so true? Proud of you!

  2. I was SO thrilled to be mentioned in your blog! Thank you! But I must say one thing... I don't think I qualify as a "photographer." I can usually take a pretty good picture but not on a professional level. I am however a whiz on the computer and handy with a myriad of software so I'm able to edit, enhance, repair or combine photos. I call it being a "photo artist." Can do anything with an existing photo using software; not so much with camera settings. Good photographers usually don't need my services but I can do a myriad of things for the rest of us. ;) Can't wait to see your pics!

  3. I'm still fighting my laptop and te blog in getting the pics to load to the blog!! The new Kodak with the 30x zoom takes awesome shots tho!!

  4. Ha I was right.... it was DSD :)

    Nice to see you both here and I'll follow along for a while too. Not sure I'll ever go completely mobile but I am a nomad of sorts, abet in my own city.