Saturday, April 14, 2012

Equipment---cost vs. usage

It seems that one of my readers thinks I bought crappy equipment in the genset and battery charger.....I guess he wanted me to go spend $1200. for a little Honda genset, and another $400. for a big 100amp battery question back to him is----WHY??? He thinks I'm likely to burn my trailer down running this low cost equipment!!

What he doesn't know is that the genset will never run on the inside of the trailer, and it will never run unattended! It will only be used to "top off" charge the batteries.....maybe 3, 4 hours a day, and NOT every genset and battery charger came from Harbor Freight, and combined they were just over $165.....I know how to take care of equipment, and only a total moron would run the genset inside a closed space!!

This guy likes to put me down, and he doesn't even know me! This is why I have my settings on my blog set so that all comments have to be approved by myself.....99% of comments get published, but that DELETE key is specifically for this boobs comments....he doesn't like people like me who chose the simple life, even though I'm not costing this yoyo one cent in taxes or social security or Medicare/Medicaid, or unemployment, or anything else.......he just gets his rocks off putting people down that don't follow his way of life...what a loser. He doesn't get it, and never will...thankfully my DELETE key works great!


  1. Thankful that your not bashful when it comes to using that delete key,LMAO!!!

  2. In life as well as the internet you gotta do what works for you. We all have our proverbial thorns in the side - good thing we don't have to live with them huh?

    Just keep smiling, hitting delete and move on. Not worth your time or energy :)

  3. The only issue I'd have with your new genny is that it's a 2 stroke and you have to mix oil in the gas. You (or someone you lend it to) forgets just once, and the genny is toast. Other than that, it's a cheap way to generate power. The hondas are nice but they're not cheap.


    1. Thanks for the input thing about it, I never loan tools like that out to anyone!