Saturday, April 7, 2012

The first modification.....

Having had various types of RVs in the past, one thing I really missed on the STEALTH camper was an awning!! Nothing like setting out under the awning early morning with a fresh brewed cup of joe, or in the heat of the afternoon with an ice cold Coors light!! I looked for a reasonably priced awning before for the 1st STEALTH camper, but to no avail!!

But alas, I must not have looked hard enough!! Found this beauty on and it will be perfect!!

It has been ordered, should be in this week!! It cranks in and out in under a minute, and will bolt right to the top rail of the trailer...will likely secure a 1" x 2" on the inside with lag bolts to give it a more secure mounting.....will be so nice to have an awning to give respite from the summer sun!!


  1. An awning can be a very good thing,wise move.

  2. Can just see you, Randy, Glenn and Wayne sitting under it, tipping a few and chewing the fat. ;)

  3. sweet awning!

    Our RV got sideswiped back on 3/14. We're working on getting it repaired.

    My van got totalled in the same crash.