Friday, April 20, 2012

Memphis bound

Been a long week here in Tennessee, and it ain't over yet!! Started out in Nashville then on to Goodlettsville, over to Waynesboro, up to Parsons and then later today headed to Memphis.....since we have to be in Oakland, TN next Monday, a few of us are just going to spend the weekend in Memphis rather than drive back home only to drive back to here on Sunday afternoon....doubt if we make it to Graceland, but likely will seek out some good BBQ!! It IS Memphis after all......and, rumor has it we are headed to north Georgia for a couple weeks of work in Ace stores there. May and June are to be very slow for us in Ace, but when the 3rd quarter gets here we are booked solid with reset work thru Christmas!

By then I will have the new trailer outfitted and ready to do some serious boondocking! A visit to friends in Cedar Key, FL is at the top of the list, then will likely head to Arizona again!! Maybe I'll swing down to the Dallas area and meet up with Debra and hang out a few days.....gotta find some BLM lands to camp at for free too!!


  1. Even though it's work it's still cool that you're traveling so much. I felt fortunate to head across the river into Kentucky the other day :)

    Have fun in TN and GA.... lots of beautiful country there so take some back roads if you have the time between jobs.

  2. OMG! That would be SO awesome John! I seriously hope you can work Dallas into your travels! & by then it will be cooler temps here again. It will be such a treat to meet you in person & see your new, tricked out trailer. I'm so happy for you that the job is going well & is meeting your needs. Life is good! :)

  3. I'm looking forward to more pic's of the new stealthy trailer.

    1. Stay tuned Kyra----got some work to finish up here in Tennessee this week, then will be working on the will be coming!