Friday, April 13, 2012

More mods..........

It has been a crazy few days this week!! Failures with new equipment, countless phone calls to manufacturers and and ordering more new stuff to replace goofs with existing stuff!! Turns out, hates returns!! But after an hour on the phone with them and Cobra, that made my inverter, success arrived and a new inverter is being shipped at no cost!

Unfortunately, a new wiring harness for the solar panels did not go that well!! Somehow when I hooked up the inverter, the wiring overheated to the panels, and the inline fuse blew....when I replaced the fuse, it blew again and literally blew the wires to the pigtail clear apart!! After 3 phone calls to the company I bought the panels from and the company that sold the panels to that company and then a call to the company that actually made the panels originally, well.....a new wiring harness coming from the charge controller to the panels is $87!! But, its something I have to have!! When the new inverter and wiring harness come in and everything gets re-wired and hooked up, I should be good to go!!

I also am putting up the panelling tomorrow morning!!

Its a nice light shade, Honey Birch they call it.....will make the trailer lighter with the natural light from the roof vent. And it will be better than looking at bare plywood walls!

Got the genset and batt charger too.....

This is yet another experiment, that I want to try in alternative energy....the solar works great, and the wind turbine works great as well, but the wind turbine has a drawback---you need to be parked AND the wind needs to be blowing!! The solar charges the batteries whether I am parked or rolling down the road at 60 mph, provided the sun is shining!!

With the genset/charger hook-up, I can top off the batteries in 4 or 5 hours and be good to go.....I never really run that much electrical load in the trailer anyway...a lamp, a small fan, charge the laptop or the cell phone.....maybe watch a DVD via the laptop.....if I'm stopped for a day or so somewhere with no hook-up, as is my preferred way to camp, then I have my power needs covered! Setting in the desert or setting at a roadside rest area, I can run my light and charge up my cell or laptop and watch a DVD while the fan blows keeping me cool, and no one is the wiser.


  1. I'm watching and learning,so far so good!

  2. Food for thought. Return the baby charger. Invest ~100 bux in a high amp rate SMART charger with maintenance features: plate desulfation; cell equalization. With a 200+ amp-hour two battery bank you can push 30A initially and hit 90+ percent state of charge fast. Topping off isn't necessary if you don't deep discharge. Now think hybrid. After heavy lifting by generator-charger your solar becomes maintainer. As I said, food for thought... :)