Friday, December 2, 2011

Arizona sunshine!!

Well good readers, I made it to Quartzsite yesterday afternoon, and after hooking up with my friend Charlene, am now securely camped on BLM land about 5 miles out of town. Happy to say the truck and rig performed flawlessly on this trip! NO OVERHEATING ISSUES!! WHEW!

Going to just sit in the sunshine a few days and take it easy...then will see about finding gainful employment here in the land of rocks!! The Family Dollar here needs help, maybe I can qualify to put cans of soup on the shelves!!

Stay tuned, more to come!!


  1. Good to hear! Glad you're in nice warm country!

  2. Or maybe they'll let you stack them in those cool pyramid shapes!

  3. Well, just after commenting on an older blog I found the latest entry---it's past my bedtime I guess and I must be sleepy. LOL

    Hey, a job is a job. Glad to hear that you had no truck issues.

    I'm envious to hear you are in warm weather. My fellow and I would like to have that instead of the cold but we will just dream the dream.

  4. Glad to hear you arrived safely. Enjoy the warm weather. Keep us informed about your stay there and good luck on the job search.

  5. Glad the truck and rig worked great, and that you had warmth for awhile. Good luck on the job search. My niece's name is Charlene - hope you guys are having a great time. Enjoy Quartzite!