Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to the snow and ice??? Maybe so....

Well, unfortunately, looks like my vacation in the sun and warmth of the Arizona desert may be coming to a close!! sniff sniff...lol....I have enough reserve in the bank to get home, and enough c.o.h. to last a couple weeks here, but time to face reality!

Got stuff on ebay, but it may not sell...got stuff for sale at a local consignment shop, but hey, it may not sell either!! And while I can easily get by on less than $10 bucks a day, can't run the risk of getting stuck out here with no cash!! The workamping gigs MAY come thru for out here, but...they may not too!!

Better to take the guaranteed route and go back to a definite place to park with full hook-up, stay there till April then go to the workamping gig thats already lined up in Wisconsin!! Very unlikely I'll starve in my hometown!! Especially with my parents right there!! Maybe I can get gas money blowing snow off sidewalks/driveways!! I have an electric snowthrower in my truck!!

Departure date uncertain, but looming not to far down the road!! One thing about it, I've seen Quartzsite, so if I never make it back---oh well.....already popping anti-anxiety pills this evening just THINKING about going home.....stay tuned good readers!!


  1. John, keep me updated - I'm in Tucson now.

  2. Will do bud! BTW, your buddy in the white van was REALLY honked yesterday!! LOLOL....

    Safe travels Don.......

  3. John it will be ok. And I don't think you need to go back to Illinois. Give it a few more days and see what pops up.

    After all you're paid up until April.

    We're all pulling for you!

  4. Oh John, so sorry to hear this. I know it's not what you want. Yes, Maria and I were sending you cheers last night. I hope they make it all the way to Q before you leave. Here's a virtual hug as well my friend.

  5. Sorry to hear that bro'... I wish we could help you out... I'll put on my thinking cap and see if I can come up with any solutions... Going up north this time of year is a real hassle. Derek (alifemadesimple)