Monday, January 9, 2012

Free labor?? Me thinks not!!

As I posted here last week, I managed to get a job here in Q-zite, which I was at the time happy about, because I knew it was answered prayer, and was a blessing to start the new year! I'm not going to reveal here where the job was, but can tell you that the owner expected me to work up to 2 weeks FREE, until he and his managers decided I "got" it.....huuuh???? If lets say they decided I didn't "get" it after 2 weeks, they could just let me go!! NO PAY!! Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat????????????????????????????????????????? I countered with you'll pay me for EVERY hour I work or I won't bother coming in.....owners response?? "Fine, don't!! We are a "right to work" state, and if we decide not to pay for training, thats our right."

Sorry guys, I'm just not going to do that. I have money in the bank, can sell more stuff on ebay, and can go eat free at a local church. Might even just volunteer my time with them!! My campsite is paid thru 4/15, so I have a campsite and a place to hang out at. I'm just not going to work for free, PERIOD! What do you guys think? Am I foolish for taking a stand with this? Let me hear from you either way please.......but stop and think whether or not YOU would do it, in my situation.....I have virtually 0 debt/truck paid for/trailer paid for/no one else dependent upon me.....answer only to myself and my God.....

Yesterday, my pal Don from "A View from the Road" rolled back into Q-zite and we hung out a few hours yesterday and today before he and Tigger (dog/travel mate) rolled back out headed for Phoenix....and ultimately travels to you my friend, I'm sure our paths will cross again.......

The weather continues to be fantastic here, high 70s today, brilliant blue skies and gorgeous sunsets!!


  1. I think they have an odd definition of "right to work". My understanding is that means you don't have to join a union to get the job. There are companies that provide a training period before they decide to hire. For a sales position that might include learning about the product, the presentation or pitch, and sales techniques practice. But, that does not include actual work with customers. A trial period of work would require pay, although it may be at minimum wage. With their method, they could go through the whole Q season without anyone "qualifying", and thus have their booth manned for free. I wonder how many takers they get? I think you made the correct choice.

  2. NO PAY ... what kind of idiocy is that. Wow, sounds like the kind of jerk who you would never want to work for anyway. Was it one of the vendors ??? I will make sure NEVER to give them my patronage if I am ever that way again. Derek (alifemadesimple)

  3. So I'm confused. Did you end up working at all or not?

    I wouldn't work for free either, but I'm very curious so I'd want to know what they were thinking. Especially if they didn't tell me up front what the terms are.

    Either way I'm glad you're set until April. Debra and I were just talking about you tonight and we both think you need a little cheer - so go have some fun :)

  4. I was just remembering last night of our time in Quartzsite AZ, last year at this exact time. We were in a real bad situation, our budget was $600.00/month , we had a unexpected tow bill when we got stuck in the sand with our trailer and truck, our propane fridge died, we got food poisoning, then a bad flu. We were at the end of our rope and we were worried we would not have enough money to get back home. We looked for work at Quartzsite but everyone seemed to have their staff already. We got an e-mail from our friends in Saskatchewan and they were coming to see an Uncle in AZ., that was going in for surgery so we left Quartzsite and meet up with them and they helped us out with some money. We received an e-mail from a vendor when we were Casa Grande about a job but by that time we were too far to come back. Well, we ended up e-mailing friends and family and asked for some help.... thanks be to God for family and friends who helped us out even though they are struggling themselves in these tough economic times. We made it through until March and then stayed at our friends/brethren in Idaho (who I got to know through YT) for two weeks- they took us in , feed us and treated us like family. We ended up back in BC in March but before we entered back into Canada we ended up running into a couple who we had met at Hotville hot springs back in February and of all places , while we were at the Wal Mart in Omak WA. and they too helped us with some food and money . We visited them for a couple days then followed them back into BC. We then made our way to Skihist provincial park and thankfully our bosses let us move into the park cabin early.I was able to start work three works early cleaning up the park... whew !!!!!!!!! This year has been soooooo much better and thankfully we have a job to go back to in April. (We also had a free meal at Slab City , there is a lot of good people there who know what it is like to live in hard times and they help each other) I have learned a valuable lesson of Gods Grace in hard times throughout the years -through the valleys and mountains of life. Peace in Christ, Derek.

  5. Pleinguy and Derek-----Let me clarify that this business was not a is a stand alone operation, part of a national lodging chain. How he gets away with the "no pay during training" I don't really know, but I didn't go for it!
    Maria-----I'm having a blast here every day!! Temps in the 70s, gorgeous sunsets every night, no rain in sight, no SNOW!!!

  6. In my 58 years, I have never been asked to work for free. Of my own free will, I've started early, stayed late, or skipped lunch to help meet a deadline. But, that was my choice, and I was gettting regular pay for the scheduled hours. I could see having minimum wage during a "probationary period". I sounds like they are doing something illegal.

    brenda from arkansas

  7. John , If you really needed the money you would have done whatever you needed to get and keep the job. I think it's good that you don't NEED it that bad. Working for free is kind of crazy but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Congrats on not needing the money THAT bad!

    We are in NM now. Heading for the texas coast next I believe.

    Are hyou driving back home?