Sunday, January 15, 2012

Decisions decisions decisions.........

My life is just filled with indecision right now.....what to do...where to go...stay here in Arizona in the sunshine.......or go back to Illinois to the snow and the cold?? Almost a no brainer there huh?? Problem is, as is so often the case it seems, is MONEY!! Ah yes, the root of all evil!! I like the old saying---money won't buy happiness, but it will buy a lot of things happy people have! Right now, money would buy me TIME!!!

I have 2 possible Workamping jobs here in the west for 2012...neither of which will start BEFORE 4/15...the choice one is at the north rim of the Grand Canyon, just up the road from where I am now!! Oh, how I would love to go there and work this coming season.........the app process is complete, and they are checking references, I know this because one of them told me that they had been called, but they have not called me and made an offer....the waiting game ya know?? WHEN do they call and get firm committments from workampers?? Surely not in April?? It would seem logical that they would get committments ASAP, so they have staff in place!! Should I call THEM?? Inquire as to WHEN they make that decision?

What if I stay here waiting for the call, and the call doesn't come!! Then, I have likely spent my remaining cash, and then have no money to get back to Illinois and up to Wisconsin for another workamping job that IS firm!!

I would truly hate myself if I stayed here, and the call never came, and literally be stuck out here with no cash!!! THAT would NOT be good!! Hence, the title of the post---Decisions!! Perhaps it should be INDECISION??

All thoughts/opinions are welcome......what would YOU do?? Bear in mind this was not necessarily poor planning on my part. In my original budget, I had more than enough to make it thru winter, and well into May....but an unforeseen mechanical issue with the tow vehicle in Albuquerque cost me over $1100!! At a spending budget of $10 a day, that would have stretched me out till mid May!!! Which WAS the original plan!!
Now though, I'm right at $1000. C.O.H......its 92 days to mid April...its 1800 miles to Illinois, and my trusty Ford will drink right at 180 gallons of gas to get there at an average high of $3.75 ea. = $675. in gas.....thats 67 days budget staying here!! Which leaves right at $325. which is another 32 days here.....which translates out to late April.......starting to see my dilemma????


  1. For the"love of money" is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1 Timothy 6:10

    We all need money to live but it is the covetous nature with money that is the problem, I don't see that in either of our cases bro' :-) Derek

  2. Well said Derek.....apparently my faith needs a boost that He will take care of this for me! My fear is that I will get all the way back north, and THEN they will call and offer me the position!! Which will then be to late.......thinking I will just call them this week and ASK when they make the decision....that way I will know!

  3. I'd call them just to ask when you can expect a decision, saying that knowing their timetable will help you decide where to spend the remainder of the winter. I'm sure they'll be happy to comply.

    Also, with all the people around those parts this time of year I don't think you're going to find a temporary job, though helping out other RV owners who are less adept at repairs and such may earn you a few free meals and gas money. Networking :)

    I also wonder if you could find a temporary gig somewhere closer to Phoenix. Bigger cities = more opportunities you know.

    Not sure where you might camp though.

    Just some thoughts.

  4. All thoughts/ideas are appreciated! Helping other RVers do repairs is out, I would need someone to show me!!

    I just sent the HR dept. an email, if I don't hear back by Wednesday, THEN will call.......just don't want to come off as desperate to them.....

  5. IMHO (<-- just learned that netspeak, pretty cool, huh?)...

    I understand that the north rim of the Grand Canyon is just up the road from you are now, but where is the HR dept that you emailed? At this point you have nothing to lose... and please realize I'm talking gamble-wise here, not gasoline or money, I get the spot you're in on that), BUT since you have nothing to lose, I would drive straight to them.

    Clean up real good (one of my favorite lines from Pretty Woman), let them meet you, tell them your plight and ask THEM what they would recommend. I know that's not the ordinary thing to do but that just came to me very strongly as I read your post. I'm thinking they may come up with something now.

    God's got your back. I wish we were all there to help with the tangibles, but He will provide.

    Here's a mantra that a dear friend gave me years ago. Be very specific with the inserts and repeat it as often as needed. It has been my fallback to get me through every 5 minutes of some of my worst days and troubles in life.

    I know it sounds hokey but it works with the fear factor vs. faith transition. I promise.

    "It is (time of day) on (day), (month, date, year), and I am (whatever you're doing - even sitting in chair outside your trailer), in (where - location of event) at (where - geographic location) and all is well."

    Example: It is 11:25 a.m. on Sunday, January 15, 2012, and I am typing my friend John a reply comment while at my desk in my room at 123 Lane, Cedar Hill, Texas and all is well.

    Most people don't want to do this because it seems so silly but it really does work and it gets you through to the other side of when you realize things really did work out - sometimes 5 minutes at a time.

    Love and hugZ to you John.

  6. Debra, there is 1 road in and the same 1 road out, and guess what? That road is closed every winter, all winter, they are at such a high elevation it dumps tremendous amounts of snow up there!! The HR office is in Page, AZ and this is a concessionaire, Forever Resorts, to the park service. There is nothing available now, as they can't even get in the lodge at the north rim! I will call them though!

  7. I have my fingers crossed for you my friend - and you're in my thoughts, heart and prayers too. HugZ!

  8. Since you know they checked your references the ball is rolling. Send and email first, then call them and check on the status. I've had success with this approach. You won't sound desperate, just very interested in working for them.

    Every year we get frustrated by the time span on job responses. We've applied to places in Dec and not gotten a final offer back until late Feb. By then we have already excepted other offers. We like to make plans way ahead of time.

  9. Yes, that sounds logical....I shot them off an email earlier today, if no response by Thursday then will give them a call!! I also like to KNOW where I'm going, preferably 60 days ahead of time when possible!!

  10. I think you made the right decision John - I was stopping in to suggest you contact them - but looks like that is the common thought - fingers crossed! T

  11. Thanks T/D.........I managed to sell $103. worth of stuff on Ebay today, thats 10 more days of sunshine!! Got to keep that streak going!! Live off my Paypal account!!

  12. You're in a spot. When things get tight for me, I start figuring out how to get frugal and stretch my resources. I've gotten pretty creative with Ramen Noodles at times. But, if you're already down to $10 a day, you're doing better than I've ever done.

    I don't have logic pinned down to back this up, but it does seem like you should stay put at least for a while. Keep us up to date, OK?

    brenda from ar