Thursday, January 5, 2012

Red Tagged!!!

Ho hum.....another day!! Been lazy last few days and just haven't bothered some of you know, with the new years arrival, on the 1st in fact, I got a job!!! Ya, a full time, 5 days a week REAL job!! Which means I'll be able to stay here in the warmth and not have to go back to the snow and the ice and the below freezing temps in Illinois!!Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

But as luck would have it, I got RED TAGGED by the BLM rangers this morning!! Have to move, in fact already have as I'm typing this from the Pilot lot....they red tagged 13 rigs in the Hi Jolly area, and 30 more in the Plomosa Road area!! Guess they DO monitor the areas after all to make sure you are moving 25 miles every 14 days....oh well, fun while it lasted...

So, I'm going to hang here at Pilot tonight and then move to the L.T.V.A. on Friday, and just pay to stay until April....why bother hooking up every 2 weeks and move again!! That sucks!!

Not much else going on...beautiful weather here.....77 today!! Hope everyone is well and those of you up north--stay warm!!

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  1. I'm with Maria - glad you paid so you can relax some now. That much moving would wear me out too. Good for you.