Saturday, January 7, 2012

Job offers!!

The last 3 days seems to have produced a whirlwind of job offers for a solo workamper, thanks in large part to my posting an updated resume on opportunities total, including one just this morning!!

1. An RV park in Arizona...28 hours a week for my FHU site, NO PAY..No thanks!

2. A tour company in Alaska...24 hours a week for my FHU site, NO PAY...but will cough up $1000. for travel money out at end of season...NO THANKS.

3. Boat launch host with FHU site and $9.00 an hour/40 hours week, in the Sierras in northern California....hmmmmmm.......maybe!!

4. Yellowstone Association, bookstore, retail sales...FHU site and $8.50 hour for 32-40 hours week plus commission, in Yellowstone Park.....hmmmm...maybe....can just imagine 1000 people a day all asking the same question---WHERES THE BATHROOM?? Maybe NOT!!

5. Grand Canyon Lodge at the North Rim!! 40 hours a week @$9.50 an hour, end of season BONUS just for staying thru season, FHU site with sat. TV and WI-FI, FREE laundry, HIGHLY DISCOUNTED MEALS in the Employee Dining Room,gas reimbursement on arrival (SWEET!!!!!), opportunity to transfer to another of the company properties in the winter....oh YEAH!!! Hell, I would pay THEM for that opportunity!!! This is the FIRST choice!! The Grand Canyon??? Hell yes!! Season is May thru October...


  1. We've had friends work at the north rim and enjoyed it very much. It's remote. I hear that Forever Resorts is a good company to work for as far as National Park concessionaires are concerned. We plan to bark up that tree if we get tired of Aramark.

    Happy trails!

  2. Ryan and Nicole,
    Not sure if this was Forever Resorts or Xanterra?? Joining your blogs later today...interesting about your experiments with solar---I'm into the A/E sources as well!!

  3. My fingers are crossed for you getting the Grand Canyon job!

  4. Wow you're a popular guy lately :)

    Whatever job you end up with, here's hoping it's absolutely PERFECT for you!

  5. Wait. What's that I hear? Echos from the Grand Canyon? And their from John! Woot! :)

  6. Love the north rim, but as stated, it is pretty remote. You might want to check it out first before you commit. Could be right up your alley, or not!

  7. Cathie,
    Actually, "remote" is what I crave!! Away from the hustle and bustle and the noise and the crowds...just all that natural beauty waiting to be photographed!!

  8. No. 5 for sure bro !!!!!!!! We like your style. Derek

  9. Thanks Derek!! Must be fate you sent this when you did, as I just finished reading your blog update from the past few days! Sounds like you had a good time in Plant City as well as the Glades!!

    Safe Travels to you!

  10. Somebody needs to send me back to grammar school, LOL. Let's try this again....

    ... And THEY'RE from John! :)