Saturday, January 14, 2012

The joys of DISH-TV...NOT!!

As I had posted here earlier, last week I moved to the LTVA outside Q-zite, intending to stay thru mid solar and wind power setup was producing plenty of power, so I decided to get DISH-TV to send me a tech to install a ground dish and get it set up, so I could at least watch a little case you don't know, a ground dish sets on a heavy iron frame that just sets on the ground, secured in place by concrete blocks.

So, last Saturday I called and set an appointment for Monday afternoon...the tech met me at Pilot and followed me to the LTVA.....UNBEKNOWNST TO ME, BUT KNOWN BY THE TECH, the BLM requires ALL outside private vendors to have a permit to enter BLM lands to do ANY type work----NO EXCEPTIONS!! The tech had no permit, and was turned away at the gate, by a BLM Ranger who just happened to be there at that time....

The tech told me he KNEW about the permit, but wanted to "chance" it.....he left after telling me he was sorry, but not before he hurled a few choice expletives at the ranger standing outside!! I wish he had not done that!! This is the same ranger who red tagged me and made me leave Hi he REALLY likes me now!!

So, after waiting all week for DISH to get back to me, I finally called them Friday afternoon...don't know if any of my good readers has ever dealt with DISH TV, but they are not exactly customer service oriented. After explaining my plight to a girl named "Robin" who spoke English so poorly that I only understood about a third of what she said, the gist of what she told me was that I was not going to be able to get service in my present location. OK, well then when can I expect to see the $105. fee credited back to my bank account I asked??? Oh, I'm sorry sir, that fee will be credited to your account for future billing"......

When I proceeded to tell "Robin" that I also wanted to cancel my account so there would be no future billings,since I can't get service at my present location and as a result she could process the refund of the $105. for the service which was NOT performed, she proceeded to tell me my account could not be cancelled, we have your VISA info and your authorization for automatic payment every month, and to refund the $105. would indicate that DISH had made a mistake, (get ready, here comes the best part) and WE DON'T MAKE MISTAKES!! There will be no refund, your account can not be cancelled, and automatic debits to your bank account will continue every month, and quite honestly sir there is NOTHING you can do about it. Thank you for calling DISH TV, have a wonderful day. And she hung up!

Oh really??? Nothing I can do??? You know who I called next don't you?? Yup, Bank of America!!!Since DISH TV is the only automatic monthly debit from my account, it was super easy to CANCEL it!! The debit is made on the same date every month, and the bank was happy to CANCEL it, starting this month! And, since I paid that $105. fee on my Visa thru B of A, and the service was NOT performed, that money was immediately CREDITED back to my account! And since I have been with B of A for 37 years, they assured me this would be the end of the problem with DISH TV.....oh "Robin", print this off and feed it to your camel you arrogant P.O.S!!

Nothing I can do huh?? Anybody need a DISH TV receiver??


  1. Yeah DISH is a problem. No one I've ever talked to likes them plus their service seems to cut out every time it even looks like rain. If you have a decent internet feed I'd go with Netflix.

    Not sure the technical stuff but I know that's what Don often does.

  2. I get back home will have a clear and strong signal...but then in Wisconsin will have a Sat TV connection included in my site.

  3. wow that's amazingly crappy customer service. I am surprised you don't get one on the roof of your trailer? You could tow it off BLM land, have the dish installed and then tow it back.

    I've been buying used DVDs at pawn and thrift shops. It saves me when I can't get any TV stations to come in or there's nothing on but spanish speaking crap.

    John, did my dodge driving buddy like his half a cup of coffee? LOL>!

  4. yes netflix is good but you need a good internet connection. John would could only watch netflix while hanging out at pilot where his connection is.

    Plus netflix just basically doubled their price. I wouldnt recommend them.

  5. Don----your "buddy" in the Dodge van was not shall we say a happy camper, but I suspect he will get over it!! And, I thought about the dish on the roof, but, want to leave that space available for solar panel add on at a later date....and I agree with you on Netflix---they suck!!

  6. I thought of you when I saw this truckers dish set-up. If he can make this work, I don't see why you couldn't slap up a dish anywhere!?