Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh no!!! A TROLL!!!

Yes boys and girls, a TROLL is loose in Q-zite! This particular TROLL is attempting to post to my blog, and call me a liar, and its feeble efforts to belittle and intimidate me are, shall we say, humorous at best!!

But fear not good readers, the TROLL PATROL is on the job, and has successfully shot down this poor excuse for a human being! How was this accomplished you ask? Quite simple really, since I admit I am a simple kind of guy...we treat TROLLS the same way we treat spiders---we just squish them underfoot! We just DELETE their lame attempts to post, throwing their written gibberish off into cyber space where trash belongs.

I direct your attention to the post entitled "Sights in Quartzsite" written last month. In that post I had been told I could send a fax from the Readers Oasis bookstore. The TROLL indicates that in my posting I actually stated I did send a fax.....thats typical TROLL ignorance, as I re-read the post word for word, and I can only assume that we have an illiterate TROLL who is unable to read the English language, because nowhere in that post did I say I was able to successfully send the fax!!

Perhaps the rock dust this TROLL is breathing is affecting its ability to read...or perhaps this TROLL is breathing some other type of dust?? I find it amusing that I have spoken to at least 10 people this week who are in town celebrating our nomadic lifestyle who also know this TROLL and they all agree that this waste of space is nothing more than a moocher, who thinks they are better than everyone else, who looks down their nose at anyone who smokes or God forbid has a dog.....

But, this TROLL will never be successful at posting to my blog their lies and made up nonsense! Not this month, next year, or next decade! The TROLL PATROL is out there, watching and waiting.....the DELETE key has been dusted off, ready to do its thing!

Bring it on TROLL, you amuse me!! Gather up your other TROLL friends, waste your time making up your lies and innuendo, and post computer just DELETES them all......


  1. Poor guy probably has no friends.

    Glad the TROLL PATROL is active and hope he doesn't infiltrate the entire blogosphere!

  2. Isn't it lovely owning the delete key? People with differing opinions can be interesting, but the riff-raff has to go. Thanks for filtering out the garbage.

    brenda from arkansas

  3. Yes Brenda, it is nice to have control of the delete key!! You hit it on the head with your term---RIFF RAFF!! Thats exactly what this TROLL is---RIFF RAFF!! A moocher RIFF RAFF that is here in Q-zite scarfing down every bit of free food they can get in their fat TROLL mouth!! There is an RV dealer here that puts out free pancake breakfasts, and this TROLL and its friends are always there, scarfing down the free grub!!

    Common sense would tell most people that the dealer is hoping to sell an RV now and then, and uses the free breakfast as an enticement to get potential buyers in their business, not this moocher TROLL and its mooching friends!!

    RIFF RAFF....yes, I think that fits this FAT TROLL very well!!!