Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well, took the plunge and moved out to the LaPosa LTVA yesterday, and since I am staying till mid April went ahead and paid the $180 fee. That translates out to roughly $1.80 a day for the right to park on any BLM land in the area....thats cheap camping really!! I can stay where I am, or if the urge hits, hook up and go to Hi Jolly or Plomosa and stay a week, and hook up again and move to Yuma BLM land for a weekend, then move back to Q-zite! Got the official stickers on trailer and truck, so the rangers just smile and wave and keep rolling right on by.....the less interaction with those guys, the better!!

The LTVA here in Q-zite is like 14000 ACRES!! They have water/sewer dump/vault toilets/trash dumpsters...but no electric...but my solar/wind setup is working GREAT!! The inverter is showing 14.8 by 1pm everyday!!

And here is the solar power setup that the BLM has at the offices of the LTVA where I am parked...this is sweet!! Auto trackers to follow the sun across the sky!!

And yesterday, I met this really sweet older couple from Alberta, Canada at the McDs lot travelling in this super cute little Toyota Class C...

These folks are in their late 70s, and come down every year to winter here....then in late March they head back to Canada. They were just the sweetest people!! They are set up now at the LTVA where I am...

Couple weeks back, I ruffled some feathers of a couple loons with a post about arrogance and the homeless here that you see hanging out everywhere always asking for spare change. They went into attack mode on my blog, and I blocked them, just to piss them off!! Why?? Because I can...its my blog, if they didn't like what I posted---hey, don't read it!!

BUT i INADVERTENTLY BLOCKED EVERYONE!! Sorry friends, that has now been fixed, comment all you want now!! If the loons return in their feeble attempts at intimidation and belittling, I will just delete them...WHY?? BECAUSE I CAN!! ITS MY BLOG!! I guarantee ya, these yo-yos would not give these homeless a 2nd look, yet they criticize my comments! Here are 2 fine examples of the homeless bums I see on a regular basis...

This was yesterday, they were setting here outside Pilot, asking every person they saw for "spare change", I conducted a little experiment...I went to McDs and bought 2 double cheeseburgers/2 fries/2 apple pies/2 medium cokes.....walked over and tried to hand it to this poor homeless bum, and guess what??? HE DID NOT WANT THE FOOD!!!!!! THEY WANT CASH!!!!! They flat out refused the food!! They only want CASH!! Most likely to buy more meth, heres hoping the loons read this, and post their snide comments, just so I can have the very distinct pleasure of DELETING their posts!! WHY?? Because, I CAN!! And if they don't like it, they can all kiss my white ass. Stick that in your arrogant pipes and smoke it.

On a friendlier note, hope all my good readers have a great weekend!


  1. Interesting about the homeless not wanting food. I'd much rather give someone real food (does McDonalds qualify as that?) than "feed" their habits.

    Glad you're covered for a while - nice not having to watch the calendar and move every so often. How long does the $180 fee cover you for?

  2. The permit is good thru April 16!!

  3. Hey Black Sheep,
    Tell us about you job.

  4. Its going good!! Don't want to say where, don't want to risk the loons coming out!! LOLOL....but its not a job where I can wear jeans and sneakers, its not fast food or a truckstop, not any of the vendors, but the money is good and its 40 hours a week.....if I can stand it till mid April, I should have $1800 or so cash tucked away in the bank which will let me travel some!

  5. Love the job update. This is probably the 4th or 5th pic I've seen here and on other blogs that show beggars with dogs. I may be sorry I asked this but how are these furry friends? Are they OK? If not, does anyone know of a resource that can rescue them?

    And for any reading this that don't know me - no, I'm not naive, wasn't born yesterday and I've walked the destitute side of life. This isn't a judgment question - it's a legitimate concern, I think, a valid question.

    John, I'm hoping for some good news (?). Actually, that's one of the things that concerns me... when I become a full-timer it is going to be SO hard to not want to help all God's little creatures I come across. Painful for me.

  6. I hate to tell you this, but I don't hope would be that the dogs are getting nourishment every day, but I doubt it...and thats sad....